Magic Mike XXL–The Excitement

If you thought the most exciting thing you’d see while going out to see Magic Mike XXL would be Channing Tatum or Joe Manganiello dancing across the screen, you’d be wrong (or not a dork).

Instead, it’s what I saw on the way out–

Y’all, I fucking squealed. I then spoke gibberish, did a small jig, and whipped out my phone to take a picture. I think maybe I lost some coolness points?

The trailer made it official, but seeing the movie poster makes it official official. Kinda like an engagement party.

FYI, the viewing of Magic Mike XXL didn’t happen with my husband (even though we did see one dude with his old lady at the movie). It happened on a Girls Night Out, which was partially fueled by some heavenly Watermelon Coolers at Chili’s.


22 thoughts on “Magic Mike XXL–The Excitement

  1. LMAO at your reaction to Star Wars!! 😂😂 love it!! ❤️❤️ You know I am not a magic mike fan but I would be with you on your reaction to Star Wars 😎😆 though Joe Manginello is tempting because I found a soft spot for him when I used to watch True Blood 😄

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