Lists, Lists, Lists

I complained to my husband a couple nights ago about the lack of anything sweet in the house. Yes, I know, the horrors, especially when you’re supposed to be trying to lose weight!

“That’s because I did the grocery shopping this week, and I always stick to the list. You never do,” Sam told me.

This is true.

Because I don’t usually make a list.

“I only spent $65 on groceries yesterday,” Sam continued. “You spent $110 last week! And you only bought enough stuff to make supper three nights! This is why a list is important.”


Sam sure doesn’t love lists whenever it’s full of chores for him to do.

I used to be crazy organized when I was younger, especially in high school. High school me with her endless lists, color-coded calendar, post-its, excessive label maker use (okay, that one still happens) would be appalled at present me for the overall lack of organization these days.

When I was the coupon queen, which I was until a year ago, I had lists. I had a game plan. I knew where everything was and how much to get and knew to exactly what my pre-coupon price and my total out of pocket should be. Of course, these lists and organization only applied to couponing and not the regular shopping, which I would do separately to track my savings.

But now that I’ve stepped away from that, I don’t bother with a list at all. I walk around the aisles and decide what our menu for the week will be based on what I see…even if I do get a little sidetracked and don’t get enough for meals every night. And, sure, Transformers and Oreo cookies and a new outfit for Baby Girl fall into the cart occasionally.

“Sometimes you forget things on your list,” I told Sam. “Like toilet paper. And we needed that. But if you walked the aisles like I do, you probably would have went down that aisle, saw and remembered the toilet paper, and picked some up.”

So there are some benefit in flexibility, although there probably should be some middle ground when you’re spending $40 more on groceries and not getting enough groceries. And, I guess this is like anything in life–you need an overall game plan, but wearing blinders will sure as hell make you miss out on a lot. Like toilet paper, ‘cuz that’s important.

Time to start making more use of this app on my phone, I suppose:

Are you a list person? Maybe sometimes? Or do you mostly fly by the seat of your pants?


38 thoughts on “Lists, Lists, Lists

  1. It’s shit when you forget toilet paper. I do write lists, but then I forget to look at them, even shopping and I often come home without some things that were actually on the flaming list! I get carried away looking in the other aisles, the clothes and home stuff. You lost me with the “coupon Queen”

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  2. HA HA HA love it…Sam like my husband will only buy what’s on the list…unless it suits something extra he may want !!…my husband is always saying, why don’t just stick to the list…!! I like you, wander through and pick up wily nilly…but I remember to get the important things…most of the time…LOL However I have tried to conform…I did put a note pad and pen on the counter in the kitchen and add to it all the time…if there is anything I have learned over the years…pick your battle…frigin grocery list are not worth the effort..LOL I still do random acts of this and that but I have to admit we come home 9 times out o10 with everything we needed for the week…PS home made popsicles are yummy…you control the calories and they really satisfy the sweet tooth and I bet baby girl would make a real yummy mess with one…LOL

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  3. Oh I am a list person.
    But I will say, within an hour of returning to the house, I will realize there was at least one more thing that should’ve been on the list. Usually trash bags, kitty litter or a cleaner — AND IT’S SUPER ANNOYING! lol

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  4. eschudel says:

    Lists for sure, especially for the grocery, although Kevin and I usually shot together and he is the one who goes “off list” all the time, costing me more $$. My favourite grocery app is, I think, called My Groceries, and I love it!

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  5. I use lists occasionally, but don’t live by them. It’s a comfortable place to be, freely shifting between modes!

    (Uncomfortable was not actually being able to write a shopping list for my husband a couple weeks back. Turns out food poisoning and thinking about food are not a fantastic combo, and being short a few items is an OK trade-off for not having to do so!)

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  6. in general, i make lists and they survive for about 3 days until i stop using them. the one exception is the grocery list.

    does your husband had a iphone or android? this is what Mary and i do. we have the app wunderlist on our phone. we’ve create a single account that we share. that gives a shared grocery list. if she or i are at some strange place, and remember we need something, we can add it to the list. then, whomever goes to the store checks the list to see if there is something new on it. i’ve had the list grow on me while i am shopping.

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  7. We use Cozy Calendar for our grocery lists. It lets us create separate lists for each place we shop at (Grocery store and Wal-Mart.. LOL) Anyway, I function best with a list. I write my own chore list. I’m currently adding things to the “to pack” list for our trip. I’ve got the memory of a goldfish and lists are great help.

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  8. NotAPunkRocker says:

    I’m a list person, but I find now that M is home again that I am less likely to stray if I drag him with me to the store. Shop, get, go. No need to deal with cranky (adult) kids.

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  9. Eh, yes and no. I am incredibly organized and routinized in general, as part of a way to manage anxiety. But honestly, Wife does all of the grocery shopping. If, however, I DO have to go to the store – I always take a list. But I do allow a LITTLE BIT of breathing room for those “oh shit! I forgot we needed that” moments 🙂

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  10. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    When it comes to shopping, out family needs to utilize and stick to our list.

    Couple of reasons: First – my wife is on disability, so I am really the only breadwinner. We have to budget for me to cover all the bills. Second – those with bi-polar disorder can have issues with excessive spending when manic. Having a list helps reduce those impulses.

    So I know that making and sticking to a list sucks but there are so many reasons why it is important.

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    • That’s a good point about the bipolar. I’m not sure how I do with that type of spending when I’m hypomanic, but I know the online shopping has gotten out of control to the point that I told my hubby to just change our passwords and log in for me to kinda keep tabs ya know

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  11. I need to do a list or otherwise I’ll forget something important. I build my shopping list up during the week when I notice I’m running low on something. I still add stuff when I’m in the shop, though. The list is just to make sure I have everything I actually need.

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  12. I am definitely a list person. Have one made up on the computer with all the stuff we usually buy throughout the month (and spaces for weird, extra stuff at the bottom). Just print it off and circle the junk we need for the coming week. Also make up a menu for the week, so everyone knows what is for dinner every night. That way no one is disappointed – they have a whole week to resign themselves to the entrees I have come up with. And if you are really desperate for sweet stuff and you like chocolate – always keep a stash of chocolate chips on hand. They work really well in a sweet emergency. And if you think I am some kind of domestic goddess – think again – I just hate going to the store during the week (I would rather disembowel myself).

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