One Productive Friday!

With Baby Girl’s party tomorrow and leaving for our vacation on Sunday, I had a lot to do today.

Besides washing, drying, and folding every stitch of clothing in the house, I also wanted to get the house spotless before we left (there’s just something about coming home to a perfectly clean house after vacation), shop for Baby Girl’s presents, and get ride of Freezer Icemageddon.

I did all of that and more. Well, technically, hubby got ride of Icemageddon. So go him! But I killed the rest.

After waking up this morning, I got one of my crazy energy bursts (think if you let a toddler have free access to a candy shop for about an hour) and was on top of it all for a change.

So, in addition to taking care of what I needed, I also cleaned the rug and seat cushions, plus got us mostly packed for vacation, and took care of a blog post (not this one). I usually struggle to find the energy to tackle a room a day, so getting in a deep cleaning plus the other stuff in one day was huge, and couldn’t have come at a better time!


While I was cleaning and folding clothes, Baby Girl followed behind and clapped for me as I completed various chores. It was nice to have my own cheering section. Or maybe she was clapping sarcastically, as in It’s about damn time.

Little Man was a big help keeping his sister entertained. And this is why it’s cool to have a nice age gap between the kids.

And speaking of Little Man, on the way home from having dinner tonight, my hubby and I were teasing him about how maybe our Prius is really a Decepticon. If you know anything about Transformers–and I do, as my son constantly tells me about them and has me watch the videos he creates where he provides instructions for transforming them–you know that Decepticons are the bad guys. This possibility did not sit well with Little Man.

“Oh my god, we have to take this car back if it’s a Decepticon!” he said in all seriousness.

“Nah, we got a good deal on this car,” I told him. “An Autobot might have cost more.”

“Are you guys being serious? Please tell me you’re not serious. Because if this is serious, I’m going to be pissed off,” he said.

Hold on, what?!Β 

My husband, strict dad that he is, burst out laughing. “What did you say?” he asked between chuckles.

Little Man repeated that he would be “really pissed off if this car is a Decepticon.”

“Why did you say ‘pissed off’?” I asked.

“Because I would be.”

“Honey, that’s a cuss word. You’re not supposed to use those.”

Then it was his turn to be surprised. “But Derrick at summer camp said it! Oh my gosh, he said a cuss word and the teacher didn’t hear him and he didn’t get in trouble!”

So we then had a short talk about that being another adult word that he shouldn’t use, especially not at school. At least this wasn’t in front of two preachers like the time he let out “damn it!” after stepping in mud.

And where Little Man was using his new phrase, Baby Girl picked up another word–“hello.”

Sam told her to tell me hello after he got her out of her room from taking a nap. And she said it! She also told me “no” today when I told her not to do something. Instead of giving the mean face now, she has taken to fake crying over it, which is equally precious.

After the kids went to bed, I went to work trying to paint my fingernails and toenails that sorta aqua color I’ve grown to love. I am not good with the woman stuff, so this didn’t turn out too well. It got so rough at one point that my husband tried to help me.

“Want me to do this for you?” he asked as he watched me get paint on pretty much everything but my nails.

“What do you know about painting nails?” I asked.

“I know plenty.”


“I used to paint my mom’s nails,” he said. This made me laugh, but I told him to go ahead. And then he did worse than I did.

“You did this for your mom?”

“No, I lied. I just wanted to help. I didn’t think this would be that difficult.” So back to square one!

So, that’s my day. How was yours?


30 thoughts on “One Productive Friday!

  1. Oh my goodness, your way of life is like an echo of mine to me.

    My way of coping to leave the house if we have a family holiday, is to clean the entire house. (And I mean entire)
    Then, even after I’ve finished I like to leave neat bleach down the toilets and sinks. 4 lemon scented sticks in my dishwasher.
    I pour lavender scent into my washing machine.
    Use a whole bottle of fabreeze on all soft furnishings.
    Absolutely everything packed away, fridge cleared out, bedsheets changed.

    Aaahhhhh…..when we return from the chaos of a family holiday….the house smells fresh, emptied and clean.
    (Like a maids been in whilst away)

    Also I have all boys, so can completely relate to Transformers, Marvel, DC, Star Wars etc…
    (As well as hearing the unexpected cuss word!)
    Xx xx xx xx xx

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    • Febreeze ❀ Oh yes, I did the sheets today too! Vacations can be so taxing (just as much as they are fun), so it’s nice to come home and not worry about anything but the dirty clothes!

      Yep we are big into all of that, too. My husband and I are a little nerdy, so we were big on Star Wars and comic book stuff before the boy was born. Now that we have the girl, it’ll be interesting to see how much of that she’ll get into.

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  2. Wow, I thought I had a busy day, but reading about your day has made me quite tired. I love a clean house when we come home from vacation. Now if I just had a laundry lady on stand-by when I arrived home, that would be the cat’s pajamas (or something like that). I hope you have a lovely holiday and you get to relax!!!!!

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  3. Omg! Haha! I learned the hard way that “pissed” was a cuss word too! LOL I was in 3rd or 4th grade and my best friend told me she was pissed off. I naturally ask what that meant. Cool… now fast forward a couple of hours to when my mom picks me up. And of course, this was one of the very few occasions my grandmother was with her. My grandmother (who was VERY old fashioned. She was pushing 70 when I was born) asked me how my day was. “Good, but K’s day was bad.” “How come?” “Someone pissed her off.” I never saw two heads whip around so fast! I was clueless! lol

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  4. I love your conversation with LM, very adorable and fun to read. Your BG is getting to her cute tantrum stage. Btw, happy 1st birthday to your precious girl and have a wonderful vacayπŸ‘

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  5. That’s a fantastic day!
    Like frosting a cake, painting nails is. MMHM we make it look easy!
    I get a lil weepy every time you talk about BG’s fake crying face, or the mad look — I had one of those, and now it’s just sass and drama, lol! This too shall pass πŸ˜‰
    LM bein pissed off is darling, and he’s gotta learn to censor himself like the rest of us, ffs!

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