The Most Thoughtful Kid Ever

Little Man made my allergies flare up, thereby causing my eyes to water, this morning.

He wanted to watch his Transformers movie and put it in the PS4. I wasn’t really paying attention to what he was doing when he suddenly asked, “Mom, which one do I select to put the words on the screen?”

I told him and then asked why he wanted the subtitles on the screen.

“Because I want you to be able to watch it with me.”

That meant the world to me, truly, and then the eyes started misting up.

When I first discovered captions on the TV I got in the fourth or fifth grade, I was so happy. I would finally be able to watch whatever I wanted without cranking up the volume at what was apparently full blast and annoyed others.

And not only was I able to watch without annoying people with the volume, I was able to understand much more of what was being said.

After my discovery, I checked out the main TV in the living room and found that it, too, had the option for captions. Awesome! No more being told to join in watching movies that I mostly couldn’t hear

As Lee Corso would say, “Not so fast, my friend.”

When I put captions on that particular TV, I was told in no uncertain terms that captions were extremely annoying and that they weren’t allowed. In fact, I shouldn’t put them on my personal TV either because that was making my ears lazy, but that issue wasn’t pressed. So, sitting in for movies that I couldn’t half hear continued for years, even though there was a perfectly good option that would fix things. (And so would hearing aids, to a degree, but that wouldn’t happen for many more years.)

My grandmother had no problem with captions, but even when I was living with her up until I was 21, my dad would turn off the captions when he came out there and wanted to watch something. Because not-his-house, but still-his-rules. He wasn’t the only one like that (my aunt was, too, when I was spending the night with my cousin).

So when Little Man took it upon himself to turn on the subtitles for me this morning, it meant the world. I’m sure he isn’t a fan of subtitles being on the screen since he doesn’t need them, so it was so damn thoughtful. Especially considering everything else. Hence the tears that came to my eyes.


29 thoughts on “The Most Thoughtful Kid Ever

  1. That is just proof that you are doing a wonderful job raising him. He absolutely loves you. Also, I am now terribly sad for the way you were raised. I don’t enjoy closed captions unless I am watching foreign films because I tend to read them and miss parts of the show. I will always be willing to have them on if you are watching with me.
    On one channel in our house there is an option (I don’t know how to turn it off) that tells the actions of the actors. We assume it is for the blind viewers. I find it very helpful when I am not focused on the television.

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