The Current State Of My Freezer

You know how lovely it is, after a hard day’s work, to fill up a glass with fruit punch Powerade, super cheap rum, and a bunch of ice cubes?

Well, I don’t either–not today. (Okay, so I wouldn’t on most days because of that whole “hard day’s work” part and the fact that I wouldn’t typically have a drink on a weeknight. But anyway.)

I opened up the freezer tonight to retrieve some ice cubes for a Coke and found this:

Wait, let me back up. I didn’t find this, this is what I was left with after using a knife to hack away at a few inches from the front portion. This is the after picture.

My husband had mentioned earlier today that we should “probably defrost the freezer sometime this weekend.” I told him it could wait until after we got back from vacation. With all of the other things–like folding Clothes Mountain–defrosting a freezer could wait.

And now that I’ve seen it–do what? This is not merely defrosting a freezer! This is like The Day After Tomorrow in my freezer! Or at a minimum, it’s Icemageddon 2015 all over again. This is almost a “call in the National Guard situation,” not just defrosting a freezer.

Oh my god. I hacked at that shit for so long and couldn’t even budge the ice maker thingy. It is stuck. And guess what? See that good inch+ of ice in front of it? It’s like that through the whole freezer. I realized this when I tried to pull out the pie crusts and they wouldn’t budge. Nor would the other items.

Is this what I get for complaining about how it is hot as fuck? (It was 103 on the thermometer in my part of SC by 2PM today, not sure what the real feel was.)

God was all “Heh heh heh…I’ll show her. Let her chill her ass out a bit fixing her freezer.”

So, if you happen to be in Redneckville, SC over the next day or two and need an ice wedge, you know where to find one.


30 thoughts on “The Current State Of My Freezer

  1. Well it’s too hot for me here, but all the same, it’s been worse, (like Georgia) so I try to muddle through.
    Sorry about your Icemageddon. What a chore that is. It’s been a long time, maybe ten years since I had to defrost a freezer. BUT this house came with a crap side-by-side, which I could complain about endlessly. Suffice it to say, we hafta buy ice to make our swate tay and I am annoyed.
    One day…

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  2. A cheap steam cleaner with jet nozzle would have that done within the hour. I cannot bare the heat, but we don’t get it bad in London and I will usually frazzle at 30c

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  3. Throw me some ice over here! Lol if my freezer looked like that, id prolly try to crawl in! Today was pretty bad here too, until it rained. It was pushing 100 (actual temp) and heat index of 107! We got some relief from a T-storm. 85 degrees never felt soooo good! And nice breeze! Next week is going to be worse though. Yay.

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  4. the-reluctant-parent says:

    when I was a child I would sometimes drink pickle juice, even juice from the jars of jalapeno peppers. Now that’s whacky. lol.

    We have a side by side frigid air with one of those freezers on the bottom and we’ll never get another one, ever, especially any model of anything from that company.

    The upper ice maker had so many problems and we had so many calls on it that the extended warranty people gave us a refund for the fridge since it was more cost prohibitive for them to keep servicing it.

    we took that money and bought a new cooktop and just use the ice maker on the bottom.

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  5. ugh. i believe freezer ice has a hardness of 9, just a little bit softer than diamonds. no fun. i feel for you.

    i understand what you are up against. ya see, i have a small freezer. it is one of those non-frostless freezers. for that reason, we, i mean i, have to defrost it a couple of times a years. i soon discovered that if i chipped at it, i felt like yukon cornelius (remember the prospector in rudolph? that guy.) trying to clear the north pole with just his handy pick ax.

    i harkened, yes, i harkened, back to the day when no one had frostless freezers and the act of defrosting occurred just about as often as the dreadful of removing all the scientific experiments from the refridge. i can still remember the cheesy ads in the back of my mom’s wifely magazines with a little pencil sketch depicting a woman using it, a defroster iron. it was an 8×8 iron that you’d get hot, put on the ice and melt it away.

    those have gone the way of the dodo bird, so flipping to the back of some husbandly magazine, calling an 800 number, and having one fedexed to me just wasn’t going to happen. I had to think of another way since i am to impatient to wait for global warming to defrost my freezer. I thought of the key word, iron, went to the back and got our cloth iron. It worked just as well.

    not unless you have an industrial iron, it’ll still need time, 5 minutes, reheating between melt sessions. that’s ok, use that time to clean up the water that is now running across the kitchen floor. i swear, there must be about a gallon of water locked into every cubic inch of hard freezer ice.

    that will be faster than trying to do a yukon cornelius to your freezer trying to chip out every last cube of ice. hope that helps.

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  6. I defrosted my freezer (it’s a little one on top of the fridge) for the first time ever when I moved house last year. I found some fish fingers from the Jurassic era! There was a whole sink-full of ice in there.
    And now there is again…

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