Weekend Coffee Share: The Kids, Kindle, and Cleaning

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Hey y’all–grab a caffeinated beverage and join me as I ramble on about my week. I would offer you a homemade chocolate chip cookie had a certain little boy in my house not devoured nearly the entirely container. (He was kind–he left one each for his dad and me, but I was so overcome by his thought that I promptly handed it over. He probably anticipated that.)

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that Little Man has been out of school for one full week now. I’d like to tell you that his days have been filled with every kickass artsy, sciencey project under the sun, but then I’d be lying. Instead, it has been a total lazy week of lounging around the house, playing video games, going on bug hunts and frog hunts (outside, not inside), watching SlugTerra (the cartoon that currently holds the status of Worst Kids Show in my book), and reading.

Yep, that’s a frog. Nope, he wasn’t allowed to keep it.

FYI-if your kid doesn’t read as much as you’d like and you can’t seem to get himย unglued from the screen, then put the Kindle app on your kid’s tablet. Littleย Man hasn’t even thought of playing a game on his tablet since I put that on there. We are trying out a free one-month trial to Kindle Unlimited, and there are a ton of books that he wants to read, so yay–this would totally balance out the late fees I pay at the library.

On that note–I have been enjoying the hell out of the Kindle app on my tablet as well. I’m someone who swore up and down that she’d never get into the e-reader thing, but I have to admit I like it. I just keep an old book by my side to sniff every so often, that way it still feels sorta the same. (Just kidding.) I finished up Wally Lamb’s She’s Come Undone and absolutely loved it–highly recommend reading it.

Over our hopefully highly caffeinated beverages, I’d tell you that I’ve been pretty busy the past few days getting in a little late spring cleaning. How is it possible to accumulate so much junk? Especially when we regularly clean out and donate to Goodwill? I’m pretty sure our junk mates with each other and multiplies. I worked on the kitchen on Saturday, pulled everything out of the cabinets, wiped them down, put stuff aside to donate. It’s still not all put back together, but when it is, everything will be nice and organized.

We are having Baby Girl’s first birthday party in a couple of weeks and have invited a few family members/friends to our house, so I’m hoping that if I tackle a room per day that things will be decent enough that I don’t move it to the pizza place at the last minute. (I’m very particular about my house, and if things aren’t perfect, then I’m not having guests over.)

One negative for the week–the writing job is not panning out. Boo. Since I usually only have time to write without distractions at the end of the day, all of the topics have already been picked over. It would have been nice to have been told this before the training, creating new social media accounts, etc., especially since I made it clear that I’d be keeping odd hours. Oh well. I’ll resume my search after Little Man goes back to school in the fall and clutter up WordPress with my ramblings in the meantime.

That’s my week. Tell me what’s new with you!


48 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: The Kids, Kindle, and Cleaning

  1. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    I love my Kindle app on my phone. So much easier to read. The vid was cute – there are days when I miss my kids being that old. Thanks for the update (I will do a post about my week today – maybe, lol)

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  2. I use kobo, same idea as kindle. I love being able to take a hundred books with me. Not that i can read a hudred books, mind you. But still, a hundred books! Bang has his 4th birthday in a couple weeks. Just sent out invites yesterday, and all 6 are coming, they’re all girls! He has no little boy friends around. We’re still car shopping and got to test deive a Prius V and loved it! But the price is a bit out of budget unfortunately. So now were comparing used Tucsons and Rav4’s. Crash is in school until June 25th. Thanks for the caffeine kick!

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    • It’s nice to be able to switch between a few books without weighing down the beach tote (yep, thinking ahead).

      I hope his party goes well!

      Ooh, we liked both of those as well. I hope you’re able to find something good!

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  3. I love my kindle fire. Frogs… what is it with kids and frogs, I used to love them too and caterpillars, yet today I would run a mile from both. BG is so cute and happy, but I bet she has a mean streak. Iโ€™ve been doing the spring cleaning too, amazing the dirt a little sunshine shows. Enjoyed my coffee, shame about the cookies ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Haha! When Little Man was little, he used to be so scared of everything, would’t let a speck of dirt touch him, etc. Things have certainly changed.

      She so does have a mean streak. She will smack the hell out of us when she doesn’t get what she wants. She’s so funny! ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. That’s not Baby Girl’s mean face… she just farted. ๐Ÿ™‚

    “How is it possible to accumulate so much junk?”

    “Buy, buy, says the sign in the shop window; Why, why, says the junk in the yard.” Paul McCartney

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    • Haha…that reminds me of when she was born. She was the world’s gassiest baby. She never acted like she cared, but everyone who held her was amazed by the power of a newborn’s farts. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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  5. the-reluctant-parent says:

    when I read I like to listen to audiobooks. there’s nothing like the human voice reading a book to me and though I have read a few books with synthesized speech, it’s not the same so that’s probably why I haven’t gotten into the e-readers.

    Maybe there’s a way to combine the two, I have other blind friends who use the kindle app so I’ll have to ask them about it.

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    • Amazon owns both Kindle and Audible (books on audio). So you can buy the Kindle book then add the Audible copy for a fraction of what it costs to buy the audio copy alone. You can get a free 30 day trial to Audible. Go through amazon. It’s easier. Audible books can be played on an mp3 player, a smartphone, on the computer, on certain Kindle devices, and on the Kindle Echo. You might want to check it out.


  6. I love my Kindle. I resisted it for a long time but then realized that carting a Kindle in my purse is much easier than lugging a giant book in there. Once I decide I want to read a book, I want it RIGHT NOW so that is my favorite part about the Kindle. I use the plain old paper-white style, no bells and whistles, because I think the ones with the computer type screens or reading on a tablet would hurt my eyes. I’ve got to pick a new book to read today at the pool and at the same time hope I don’t end up with even more wacky sunburn. I’m either white or bright red depending on where you look. My legs are fine, but both knee caps are terribly burnt. One arm is sun-burnt on the side, but the other isn’t. I clearly didn’t do a good job with the sunscreen application.

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  7. Well, BG didn’t keep her mean face very long ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope her birthday party goes well.
    If I’m having people over I just leave the dust where it’s quite happily been sitting for the last 16 months (when I moved in) and dare somebody to comment heh heh.

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  8. hahaha….That mean face is so sweet!

    Sounds like you guys have had just the sort of first week of summer that I’d want to have—relaxing and hanging out after spending months in a classroom. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Little Jedi and I both have Nooks, and we both love them. We can play games or read on them. I mostly read books that are on sale or free, and the Nook is easy to carry with me when I go places and to read in bed without needing a light on. It’s really handy—but I haven’t stopped buying physical copies of books!

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    • There will always be something about the weight and smell of a book. Like Giles from “Buffy” said, “Smell is the most powerful trigger to the memory there is…Books smell musty and-and-and rich. The knowledge gained from a computer is a – it, uh, it has no-no texture, no-no context. It’s-it’s there and then it’s gone. If it’s to last, then-then the getting of knowledge should be, uh, tangible, it should be, um, smelly.” ๐Ÿ˜€

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  9. I didn’t want an e-reader. Then one year (2009) my three kids pooled their money and got me a Kindle for my birthday/Christmas (my birthday is on Christmas). It was the second generation of the Kindle and they were quite pricey, $269. I felt awful when I realized my gift was a Kindle because I didn’t want to hurt their feelings. My son set it up for me and showed me how to use it and assured me it was fully refundable if I didn’t like it, as long as it was within 30 days so I tried it. I absolutely LOVED it! The best thing was that I could change the size of the font because my eyesight is really bad. So it was easier for me to see and then because it was so easy on my eyes, I could read much longer without eyestrain. So I saved up my free Amazon gift cards that I get for completing surveys online and for using swagbucks dot com and started buying books for my kindle. Then a few months later I discovered multiple sources for free books. So now I own a gazillion kindle devices! Well, not literally a gazillion. I own six devices: 2 Kindle,3 Kindle Fire, 1 Kindle Phone. And we have my mom, my 2 sisters, and my daughter’s devices all registered to my account so we can all read them without having to buy them for each device. It works beautifully! Now I can’t read any other way!

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    • Sweet! My husband had suggested getting me a kindle a few years ago, but I quickly shot that down. Now I wish I hadn’t so I’d have more books in my library ๐Ÿ˜€ How cool that you’re able to share them through one account! The Kindle Unlimited seems pretty cool, at least for my son. A cursory search through the selections didn’t show a lot of books that I would want to read, though.

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      • I don’t get Kindle Unlimited for the same reason, not titles I would read. However, for my grandsons, we have a FreeTime Unlimited ($2.95 month if you also have Prime or $4.95 a month) which has many titles for reading, apps for playing, and video for watching for ages 3 to 10 (you can choose the age for customizing). You might want to check it out if your son fits the age range. It also allows you to set time limits for playing, reading, and watching videos, but it isn’t required. We don’t set limits right now because they’re too young but will probably next year.

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  10. The junk mates and multiplies >>> haha! You sound better, if I may say. I appreciate your opinion on Kindle. Yep, I have resisted so far. I just think I spend enough time staring at little screens and I wonder about negative side effects. If I gave up some other online time-suck, maybe then.

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