OMG, They’re Kissing!

While my husband and I were giving Baby Girl her bath last night, I walked into the living room to tell Little Man that he needed to get undressed, as it was his turn to get in next. Just as I walked in, I saw a half horrified, half amused look on LM’s face. The Big Bang Theory was on, as we have it scheduled to record on our TiVo, and this was the episode where Howard and Raj kissed.

“Oh my god they’re kissing!” he screeched. “Those are two boys and they’re kissing! Can you believe that?!”

Obviously Little Man had never seen two people of the same sex kiss before. Considering that a) we live in an extremely conservative little town and b) most of his TV shows are animated, this is no surprise.

“That was an accident,” I told Little Man, as I had seen the episode before. “But in real life, sometimes boys have boyfriends and sometimes girls have girlfriends and they will kiss each other because they like or love each other, just like Mommy and Daddy love each other.”

“Wow, really?” LM asked.


“Cool. But I don’t like to see you guys kiss, just so you know.”

“I know.”

I had him go to the bathroom to get his clothes off for his bath, and that was that.

The reason I’m writing about this is because of all of the hate I’ve seen on Facebook (of course) in the past day since Caitlyn Jenner revealed herself.

That’s disgusting.

He’s going to hell. I’ll pray for him and his family that he finds God.

How am I supposed to explain this to my kids?

The last one is the one I always hear/see people talking about around here for anything other than heterosexual relationships within one’s own race, and it is freaking ridiculous. I mean, really, how hard is it to tell your kids that another person is doing what he or she wants to make themselves happy?

Like my exchange with Little Man–see how easy that was? That was less than a one-minute conversation. If a kid sees something he isn’t used to seeing, sure, he’ll react and may have questions. But beyond that, parents, the only issue is YOU.

If you make it seem wrong for someone to do something that makes them happy, for someone to be with someone who makes them happy, THAT is the issue. Not the people who are busy living their own lives and doing nothing that infringes upon your rights. YOU are the one with the hang-up and the one who is doing your child a disservice by teaching them to be anything other than loving and accepting.

So get over yourselves. Stop thinking that the world revolves around you and your narrow-minded beliefs. Stop preaching about the love of your particular deity while using said deity to spread hate. If you want to worry about your child seeing something, then maybe worry about the lack of love and compassion for other people that you’re teaching your kid.

[Like I’ve said in previous posts, I’m not debating this, so save it–my little corner of blog heaven, my rules. 🙂 ]


65 thoughts on “OMG, They’re Kissing!

  1. Totally agree. If people can’t figure out how to explain it to their kids, they must be fucking morons because it’s pretty damn simple. The hatred around Caitlyn Jenner is KILLING ME. Ugh.

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  2. Well, all I can think is you better kiss in front of your kids so they know you like or love each other. You’re right, it’s very easy to teach love and acceptance. Unfortunately it is difficult for adults who never learned that to teach it.

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    • We have regularly scheduled hand-holding 😉 😉 He’s so funny how he yells if he sees us kiss, although it’s worse when he sees a boy character in whatever he’s watching kiss a girl. That age!


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  3. You tell them!!!!! I am assuming Caitlyn Jenner is Bruce Jenner transforming (I don’t watch the news). I’m with LM on this one, I don’t think anyone should kiss – if you think about it is kind of gross – doesn’t matter who is kissing!!! I agree with you too, you need to approach these unconventional issues in a matter of fact way and not instill your biases into the explanation given to your children. That is why sexism, racism and ethnocentric behaviors and ideas are constantly perpetuated – we will never break the cycle at this rate.

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  4. I’ve had this discussion with Owen in a very matter of fact way. I don’t make it a big deal because I don’t think it is and so to him, it isn’t either. I do not understand why people care so much about the private lives of others. Who cares if two men want to kiss, or if I want to kiss a girl. Actually, I had kind of the opposite conversation Friday at the concert. I got a funny look from a guitar player standing next to me when I told my lesbian friend “Look, I love you, I just don’t want to eat your box and that’s ok!”
    Caitlyn Jenner living how she chooses is really not my business. Good for her, but can’t everyone just move on with their own lives? Sheesh!

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  5. You couldn’t have handled that any better! 😀😎 When the girls see their uncle with his boyfriend or my cousin with his boyfriend- I shall expect similar questions as LM questioned that interaction and I will recollect your exchange in this regard as the epitome of how to share the idea of love among humans with my kids 😊😎 great post

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  6. Just like race and religion and fashion choices and everything; it takes a simple conversation that can make a world of difference between raising an open-minded, accepting child and a closed-minded hater.


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  7. You handled that beautifully. As someone who is gay I say kudos to you! Kids are so accepting anyway, they dont question things once they have an answer! They just get on with their lives, like all people should do. Oh and if you’d like to follow our blog I have dissociative identity disorder and ptsd its here I have a new home XX ❤

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  8. People have plastic surgery every day to change the way they look. To make themselves feel better. And all of us have both male and female hormones. I just hope that, as I get older and lose my estrogen, I won’t start growing a mustache. Not that there’s anything wrong with facial hair, I just don’t want to have to shave it. 🙂

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  9. We have gay friends and relatives, so my kids have all grown up thinking it just is.
    The last few boyfriends Sassy’s had are black. While The Mister and I take no issue with this, some people do, and I don’t enjoy that for her. The kid who was over yesterday, he didn’t tell his dad Sassy’s white, and I guess he’s not a fan. :/

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  10. Thank you for posting this. Not only does it show how well you handled the situation as a parent, but it shows that kids are naturally very accepting. Hate is a learned behavior, the world will be a much better place when we stop teaching it.

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  11. Well crafted article. Much needed one. What is important for us is to teach our kids love and compassion irrespective of caste (a big thing in India), creed, gender or nationality. Lets show them love..Cheers.

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  12. Reminds me of playing the game Life with Crash. When it come time to get married he wanted to marry a boy. We said “Give ‘er”. So there was his car driving around the board with 2 blue pegs in the front. Way to handle LM’s question. I hope I would have done the same 🙂

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  13. There is a way of answering these difficult questions but many of the answers that make the most sense also require effort. Perhaps the best answer is that sometimes the brain thinks that it has a different gender from the body. It’s easier to change the body than it is to change the brain and it helps people to feel better about themselves and that’s very important.

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  14. Alex Hurst says:

    Great response. I have found that children are far, far more flexible to new concepts than adults, so that last excuse is always pretty bogus in my mind. 🙂 Thanks for being a cool (good) parent.

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  15. “How am I supposed to explain this to my kids?”

    Why is Jenner responsible for what this person chooses to say to her/his kids?

    Two thoughts:

    Some people genuinely believe that the gender of their birth is wrong and they live very unhappy lives until the problem is corrected. It’s a medical condition and we treat it with medicine and surgery.
    Some people are horrific perverts who are the worst people ever…they are going to hell and so I will kill you if you ever tell me that you’re one of them.

    See how easy that is?

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