Pet Frogs and Friendly Ants

“Mommy, I can’t wait to get my pet frogs!” Little Man announced after coming inside from playing on Wednesday.

“Pet frogs?” I was confused.

“Yeah, you know, I dug two holes in the ground,” he said while pulling off his rain boots.

This didn’t tell me much of anything, aside from the fact that I now have two more obstacles to face in the yard that could potentially lead to a sprained/broken ankle.

“Go on…” I prodded.

“Well, one hole is for Bilbo (his dog) to poop in. I told him that’s where he poops from now on, so hopefully he listens. And I put water in the other hole.”

I was still confused.

“How does this get you pet frogs?”

LM gives me this look, like maybe I’m not as smart as he thought. “Mom, you know that flies like poop. And frogs like flies. So they’ve got food and they have water to swim in, and I’ll have pet frogs!”


Little Man had to go to the doctor today. An ant bite on his foot caused it to get really swollen and warm to the touch, so I was worried that it might be infected.

“I don’t think the ants meant to hurt me, Mom. I think they were just being friendly,” LM said last night as I was eyeing his swollen foot.


“Yeah, you know, because of how I feed the ants all of the time.”

This is true. He thinks it’s his job to feed the ants. When he was four, he used to hide scraps of food around the house. We couldn’t figure out why we were getting those little sugar ants until I noticed him leaving his offerings one day, which is when he informed me that he regularly left food for the ants to make it easier for them.

At the time, I told him not to do that inside anymore, so he started putting food on the front porch. He was also told not to do this, and then he started leaving it on the driveway next to the car. So we got little ant piles in the driveway. Finally, he started making his sacrifices directly to the large ant piles.

(Yes, we’ve had the whole ‘it’s not your job’ talk, but he genuinely thinks the ants are going to die out if he doesn’t contribute, and he can’t understand why that is not a bad thing!)

Little Man told me yesterday that he had given the ants at school the leftover crusts from his sandwich. “So I guess this is when they bit my foot, my butt, and my leg. That was their way of saying ‘thanks for the food!'”

When the nurse from today commented on the mean ants biting LM, he informed her that they weren’t mean at all–they were just being nice. Of course, she didn’t have the background story to that and looked at him like he had sprouted a second head.

Fortunately, the little thank you gifts the ants left for Little Man didn’t cause an infection–it was just an allergic reaction.


41 thoughts on “Pet Frogs and Friendly Ants

  1. Marielli_ says:

    OMG I hate ants I just got rid of the see through ones in my home ugh so annoying and frogs yuck he’s brave I don’t like frogs at all πŸ˜–

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love LMs train of thought poop leads to flies which begets frogs. That is great! Brilliant !!!! Ask him if he has been feeding our sugar ants this year as well, because we have had a horrible time with them. Had to break down and call the Orkin Man, they were so bad. Loved this post. How do you do it – every single time?

    Liked by 1 person

    • He’s an interesting little fella! We had an infestation (if you’d call it that) of inch worms last year. He kept bringing them inside to put in his terrarium and they kept getting out and mated. Not fun!

      Glad you enjoyed πŸ™‚


  3. How stinkin smart is he! I love kid logic! And he would totally love my front porch. Its a freakin frog Mecca. Eessh… I think they know I hate them, I swear they are plottin on me! Lol

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  4. I am in awe of LM’s amazing thought process about the frogs and the compassion he has for the little blighters that bit him is something else, although I’e never heard of biting ants in the UK. I hope you don’t mind me saying… I know you get down sometimes and question your role, but this LM is so brilliant because he has two wonderful parents. I don’t want to say ‘well done’ because it sounds patronising, but there you go, I just said it, anyway πŸ™‚

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    • Thank you for your kind words, Cat πŸ™‚

      And y’all don’t have biting ants? I’m jealous. The bites from brown ants here aren’t too bad, but then fire ants are something else.


  5. Well that is just darling!
    Bubba and Sassy both got one of those giant hot welts on their feet from the fire ant bites once. Awful. I’m glad it was summer vacation and they could wear flip-flops. Ants carry strep. Ick. I hate fire ants. Glad they’re not here yet.
    We’d been in Georgia about three months when toddler Moo SAT ON AN ANT HILL. What a nightmare. I had to bathe her quite thoroughly to kill them, ants like pepper in tub soup. Calamine, Benadryl, cold compresses. Vile.
    I hate fire ants.
    Did I mention I hate fire ants?

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  6. A few days ago, my cousin’s four-year-old was most concerned about where ‘the tiny ants slept at night time’.

    Kids get such funny ideas in their little heads, don’t they? And it could be worse…he could be doing the magnifying glass and sun thing…!

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  7. I hate ants with a burning passion. I was once bitten from my ankle to knees by an army of them. These days I will stomp their guts if I see them, no exceptions. LM is kinder than I’ll ever be.

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