More About Baby Girl

I talk a lot about Little Man on this blog and for good reason–in addition to being an awesome little guy, he is also hilarious and incredibly insightful for his age (although not usually at the same time).

Baby Girl, who will be 11 months in a couple of days, isn’t talking much yet, of course. She can say mama, dada, doggy, bubba (nickname for LM), my first name, and no. I get called by my first name more often than “mama.”

Even though she is still “just a baby” and isn’t talking much, she still has one helluva personality. That’s something that always gets me about babies and little kids–how quickly they become their own person. BG went from being this tiny little bald 5-pound baby who slept all the time to a little reddish-blonde spitfire in just months.

So, here are some things that I adore about my little girl, as well as some other tidbits:

Her temper. Holy shit. My husband was so concerned that at her last well-child visit, he asked the doctor if it was normal for a baby to get so angry.

With LM, we had usually had plenty of warning before he launched into angry. He’d go from happy to not-so-happy to cranky before getting angry. Baby Girl has two modes: super happy and Hulk-mode angry. She goes into Hulk mode at a moment’s notice.

She’s a biter. BG will act like she’s doing something sweet, and then she will test out her chompers. For example, yesterday, she buried her face in my chest. I thought “How sweet, she’s cuddling.” And then I felt her teeth sink in to the top of my boob. Ouch!

Today she acted like she was going to give my husband a kiss on several occasions and as soon as he was close enough, she bit his lip.

When she’s hungry, she’s hungry. When at the high chair, BG will slap the top of the table to indicate that she wants more food. This usually happens a split second after I’ve given her a bite and the spoon is en route to the baby food container. Lately, she has added balling up her fist and making a motion at her mouth, which is adorable, but mostly we get slapping the table top.

She adores her brother. LM calls himself Baby Girl’s “jester,” as he thinks it is his job to make her laugh (he also think this is his job with the kids at school). He’s right on the money, as he is the one who can bring a smile to her face the quickest, get one of those beautiful laughs, and even make her forget that she got an ouchie.

As much as BG loves her brother, she does get aggravated with him at times. I had both of the kids on the bed last week playing when BG grabbed my iPhone. LM kept getting in her face and she was quite obviously getting annoyed with him.

“Watch it, LM, she might smack you with that phone if you keep doing that.” I didn’t really think she would.

“She can go ahead. It’s not like she could hurt me if she–”

At that moment, BG smacked LM in the head with the phone, which upset him to the point that he wanted to know what her punishment was going to be. BG is also known to reach out and smack him or pull his hair when she has reached her limit of being amused by her jester.

Future Mean Girl? ;-)

Future Mean Girl? πŸ˜‰

She hates clothes. I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a girly girl. I don’t like dressing up, makeup, etc. So when everyone was going on about dresses, dressing her up, etc. when I was pregnant, I was all “ain’t happening.”

As it turns out, everyone but me got their hopes dashed when she came out hating clothes. She’s okay once you’ve got them on her, but she will pitch a screaming fit, thrashing about, when you dress her. As such, putting her in a onesie or a romper is your best bet to keep her anger at a minimum when dressing her. Her dad bought close to 100 dresses for her before she was born. She has probably worn 10 of them.

She likes to shake her groove thang. Put on one of her favorite songs, and she will start jumping up and down (while being held) and doing her baby dance. Her favorite songs are Chris Brown’s Forever, Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback Girl, and I Like To Move It from the Madagascar soundtrack.

She acts like a little dictator. I would love to know what she’s saying on one of her baby rants. She won’t be mad, exactly, but she will go on a very long baby rant at the dog, her brother, or one of her parents. Her rants are complete with both arms waving towards whoever she’s ranting at, so you know she means business.


She’s a little diva. No, she doesn’t like to be dressed up, but when she’s crying or mad or whatever, we can almost always get her to stop for a few seconds for the camera.

Even as a two-week old, she would stop crying when someone took a camera out and she would hear the shutter sound. Nothing has changed. Even if she’s angry, if I whip out my iPhone and start snapping pictures of her, she’ll start cheesing. This is good for about 30 seconds, which is often enough time for my husband to run an extra diaper or a clean onesie in to me.


22 thoughts on “More About Baby Girl

  1. Looking at this gorgeous girl and trying to imagine her turning into Hulk… Hahaha… Well, the good thing is that your daughter seems to know what she wants. The bad thing is that you might be up for a ride πŸ˜‰

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  2. Bang has that fiery temper, too. It’s funny how they can show love to their older sibling. One minute they want snuggle and to play and the next they’re pounding on them. Crash is “usually” a good sport about it but sometimes (as can be expected) gets angry at him. All part of playing referee!

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  3. the-reluctant-parent says:

    when the little girl was born, she was a drama queen and we got her a onzie that said drama queen on it. I don’t have any pictures that I know of. The little girl is like me and the little boy is like him mom. Great, just what we need around here, two of me. The wife doesn’t even want to think about what she’s going to be like as a teenager. She’ll probably be the mean girl in school.


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