Less Filter, More Writing

Oh crap. As I’ve tried to think of something to write about tonight, I ditched a few topics, thinking “well, no one would probably want to read that.” I even scrapped a post earlier when I was in a low mood and really just wanted to vent for the same reason (“Am I doing that too much?”). And then I realized that I have fallen into the strange space between “personal blog” and “for real blog.”

Does that make sense? The “personal blog” part probably does, but for the other–I’m referring to those official type blogs that have a specific topic in mind, a specific audience they’re writing to. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, and I follow a few such blogs and enjoy them immensely. (And I’ve probably offended someone by implying that a personal blog isn’t a for real blog or vice versa, but for fuck’s sake, you know what I’m trying to say.)

That’s not me. I keep thinking that I need to balance the parenting stuff and the mental health stuff with the general stuff, maybe even clean up my language a bit, and I hate that. I don’t like the idea of writing for an audience, for views, all that. I don’t like constraints. That kinda defeats the whole purpose of “Blogging for Therapy.” I honestly don’t even like doing the networking thing to get more readers…that’s not what this is about. I so love the friendships I’ve made so far, and hope to make more, but I want that to happen organically.

So, less filter, more writing. You might be horrified by that, the notion that I’ve actually had some sort of filter in place all along.

As an official heads up to you guys (and myself), especially if you’re a newish reader–

This blog is for a bit of everything. From parenting and relationship stuff, to my personal mental health issues, to using this a diary to vent on the days I’m pissed and get shit off my chest when my mood is low or I’m just nervous about things (which I may remove later if I feel necessary), to just whatever the hell happens to be on my mind. And I do curse, so if you take exception to a lot of f bombs being dropped, well, you can’t say you weren’t warned.

So, that’s that.


25 thoughts on “Less Filter, More Writing

  1. I’d imagine I fall somewhere in the “for real blog” category, though my little corner of cyberspace is such a mishmash of stuff, I’m not sure it can be categorized. As much as I hate censorship, I do try to keep the sensibilities of those who read me in mind when I write/draw stuff… and I HATE that. But I think it’s a necessary evil even on the internet just as it is in real life. I also think you are right that self-censorship is worse for a personal blog than a more general one… so just keep on being your unfiltered self.

    But I do have virgin ears, so please watch your fucking language around here… 😉

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    • Anxious Mom says:

      It’s gotta be tough…I thought about staring another blog that focuses just on the funny parenting stuff; but who am I kidding, not keeping up two of these!

      Hahaha 😃


  2. i see a blur between personal blog and for real blog. what you are calling a personal blog could just as easily be a real life blog, at least in my eyes. your subject in your real life blog would be mental health.

    who can delve into mental health without talking about relationships, kids, pets, dinners, parents, penises… they all effect your mental health.

    when you talk about little man’s infatuation wit his “ding-a-ling”, that makes you smile and laugh. that’s a good thing for your mental health.

    when you talk about a trip to a nearby water park hotel, i hear about your fears, anxieties, life struggles and, on yea, don’t forget excitement. that’s all about mental health.

    when i hear about your struggles with counseling, i find out a bit about your childhood. that’s about mental health.

    when I hear about your first trip to a counselor, i hear calmness, acceptance, and even a bit of excitement. that’s all about mental health.

    when you talk about ring-around-the-collar, not that you ever have, but that might make a good post :-), that may be about mental health because it helps to explain your state of mind. that’s all about mental health.

    so write a personal blog or write a for real life blog on mental health. to me, it would be hard to separate the two. i believe the important thing would be to write. by doing that, you get those crazy thoughts out your head that, in its own little way, beats back isolation, one of the ever so sneaky symptoms of depression.

    write on!

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      • i guess you don’t remember the obnoxious commercials from the 70’s.

        you have ring around the collar! you have ring around the collar! try wisk! wisk was used to pre-treat ring around the collar to aid in getting it out.

        i guess i haven’t told you what ring around the collar is, yet. it is the dirt ring that appears around collars of shirts when the wearer has a dirty neck.

        my mom used to say, ring around the collar. try washing your neck.

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  3. Hey! My blog is a “personal for real” blog! LOL Well… mostly. Write what you want and you’ll get the readers you want. Since I’ve pretty much dedicated my blog to writing about my kids I’ve gotten a lot of feedback about other’s kids (and parents themselves) and it’s been great.

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  4. I completely understand, I struggle with this same thing exactly!
    I don’t like the forced networking and prefer to meet people organically and also agonise over everything I write. I worry about alienating people with my content.
    It’s important for me to try and remember every time I post that it is my blog and that my blog needs to say what’s right for me.
    For the record I just love everything you post! ❤
    There is no side where I ever feel it’s ‘too much this’ or ‘too much that’, I really admire how you write and am always glad to see you’ve been able to express something that I know is difficult! 🙂
    I look forward to whatever comes next! 😉 xx

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    • Anxious Mom says:

      You truly get it…it’s tough! And I’d say the same thing to you, while mulling over what I’m writing about lol. ❤


  5. Just write away, vent, have fun, whatever, just keep doing what you’re doing! I certainly wouldn’t want to write an “official-type” blog and do the networking stuff. Sounds too much like a job 🙂

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  6. To be honest I struggle because I don’t want to offend anyone. I’m a weirdo. I can be offensive without intention. So I hold back in that sense. I never even thought I would get followers. My previous URL had 200+ people and I don’t know how that happen. I certainly don’t network it. But, I’m coming to terms with the fact that I can’t force myself to be what I’m not. So I’m aiming to be more me, even if that me is weird and sometimes offensive.

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    • Anxious Mom says:

      And this is one place we certainly shouldn’t feel like we have to force ourselves to be something else, either.

      I so relate, especially on the offensive thing in real life. My sense of humor…well people either think I’m weird or are offended by me. Then there is the 1% that loves it.


  7. On days when I’ve had exactly the same kind of worries, my lovely friends here have gently reminded me its ‘my’ blog and that I can write what I damn well please. It does taint it when we start to write for an audience, so you do your thing. Those who want to go on your journey with you will stay by your side 🙂

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