Y is for Yoda…Yoda Bomb!

Here’s what’s up–it’s the next to the last day of the A to Z Challenge, and today it’s all about Yoda!

(If you don’t like Yoda, then have words, we shall. No, seriously, what’s wrong with you?!?! Loves Yoda is second behind Infatuated With The Office on my friendship questionnaire.)

I’m not creative enough to do a punch of funny punny jokes, so here are some things I dug up.


I have no shame in admitting that had someone used “Yodalicious” as a line, I would have fallen for it.

I promise, I will write a “real” post for tomorrow. I already know what I’m writing about, so that’s a plus!


16 thoughts on “Y is for Yoda…Yoda Bomb!

  1. yoda talk easy, it is. the verb at the end of the sentence, you must jam. pretty easy to do, it is. doing a whole post this way fun it would be. fun as rewriting passive voice sentences into active voice, it is. writing in active voce and yoda talk, the challenge it would be. taught you something today, i hope.

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  2. Hellz to the yesssss! Yoda da bomb, yo! And one of my coworkers gave me the Calm You Shall Keep t-shirt for Christmas. It’s like she knows me.

    I would have done Yoda if I hadn’t already done him a couple years ago. Since I already had one repeat, I figured I probably shouldn’t revisit that one as well.

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