V is for Voltar (Guest Poster)

After soliciting Little Man’s help with my U post yesterday, I decided to just let him write a post for today (thanks again to Vanessa for the suggestion). Basically what’s happening here is I can’t think of much of anything for V for my Nerd Life theme, and I’m pretty lazy. So you’ll forget this (and forgive my transgressions) after my cute kid does the post for me.

Introducing Little Man, who is 7 years old, in first grade, has a wonderful sense of humor, and is the subject of quite a few of my posts:


Hi my name is (Little Man). I like transformers and earlyer I was doing a review of the Devastator and then my mom called me over to do this. I am also watching Lord Of The Rings.

V is for Voltar.

Voltar is leader of the league of super evil. It’s called EVIL not evil. Voltar is funny. And he is annoying to the other neighbors. One time Voltar was annoy calling (prank phone calling) people, his neighbors. That’s all I have to say. Bye.


LM found the show on Netflix



13 thoughts on “V is for Voltar (Guest Poster)

  1. So, first its the house work and mummies floors and now LM is writing the posts. How much tablet time is this worth? He’s so matter of fact… this is how it is, now bye, love it 🙂

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