U is for Utahraptors (Almost)

At the suggestion of Vanessa, who blogs at Petal and Mortar (wonderful blog that you should absolutely check out), I tried to rope Little Man into helping me write on the letter “U.” Specifically, Utahraptor.

While I was pretty sure that this was some type of dinosaur specific to Utah, I googled just to make sure. Indeed, the first specimens of the Utahraptor were found in Utah in 1975. It belongs to the genus of theropod dinosaurs. (Do I sound super smart right now? Thanks Wikipedia!)

Here’s how the conversation went:

Me: Little Man, what can you tell me about Utahraptors?

LM: What is that, like some kind of dinosaur…is it STILL ALIVE?!

Me: No, I’m pretty sure all the dinosaurs are extinct. Why the hell didn’t I make sure of this before I started driving?! Now I can’t google!

LM: Actually*, not all dinosaurs are extinct, if you really think about.

Me: How’s that? Actually, they better be!

LM: Well, some animals alive today came from dinosaurs. Crocodiles, some birds, lizards. So that’s almost like dinosaurs not being extinct.

Me: Okay. Well, do you know anything about Utahraptors?

LM: Nope. But I do know a lot about Transformers [proceeds to talk about Transformers until I get ice cream]

FYI, here is what a Utahraptor is said to look like:


Thanks for the pics, Wikipedia!

And here’s how it compares to a human:


Please don’t bite off my head!

So, I’d rather hope that it isn’t still alive, as disappointing as that may be to Little Man 😉

*Has been doing the “actually” thing since he was 3.


16 thoughts on “U is for Utahraptors (Almost)

  1. I may write a post on Actually. Actually, three of our kids went through the actually stage, which actually lasts 19 years in some males. This may be because he’s the oldest or because he actually thinks intelligence is wisdom or because he’s sexist and thinks his sisters are actually stupid. Actually, the youngest is female and she’s big on actually when her breeches feel too small for her. We actually survived through two heavy actually periods, around age 8, although actually ripping off their lips when they said it DID occur to us. We’re actually good parents and do not abuse our children, but if we did, it would actually be because of actually.

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  2. Little Man certainly sounds like a smart chap!

    In the “scale” picture why is the man waving to the dinosaur? Shouldn’t he be running away screaming? Because looking at the picture, I’m guessing it’s not a herbivore 🙂

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  3. Oh LM, dinosaurs…crocodiles…..Transformers…ice cream. I love the way kid’s brains work. It makes so much sense. So…did the Utahraptor have wings, cause it kind of looks like he did, could he fly? And I wonder if he communicated like the Velociraptors (oo, wait I had to Google the spelling on that) did in Jurassic Park. Besides he’s not that big, I think I could take him on!!!! How funny – he does look like he is waving or maybe he is doing that Mr. Spock thing – what is it, the Vulcan wave/salute(wait – gotta Google again). I always wonder how annoying it must have been for the Velociraptor and the T-rex and now this Utahraptor thing to have such tiny little arms – what’s the point of such little arms?

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  4. NotAPunkRocker says:

    There are so many jokes I can go with on this, but I don’t want to offend anyone’s lifestyle…so I will just say too funny…

    Now, wait until LM does a book report on a post-apocalyptic fiction novel AND uses Family Guy quotes in the report. So much awesome ahead of y’all! 😀

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