R is for Roooooaaaaar!

Can you tell that I’m struggling with the A to Z Challenge? My theme is nerd life and my brain is blank. So I’m deviating from the theme today and am letting my mind go in whatever direction it takes. Scary, huh?

So…R is for Roooooaaaaar! (This is pretty much the sound my brain makes while trying to come up with various R topics.)

Dinosaurs roar. Or so I’m told by Little Man. I’ve had many a fake dinosaur roar at me before 7AM. I don’t like dinosaurs all that much. They have difficult names that I mostly can’t pronounce.

Except for Rex from the Toy Story movies. I do like him. I like everything Toy Story. He doesn’t have a name that I can’t pronounce with 342 letters in it, like a t. asjsdflkejrsasdf, and he’s freaking cute.


See? He’s adorable.

Rex is also a bit self-conscious. He’s not tough the way he thinks he should be. He also likes playing video games. He may be a minor character in the films, but he’s pretty cool in my book!

ts-alive-snintendo Motorcycles make sort of a roaring sound. My husband has forbidden me from getting one, which I decided I wanted after watching Sons of Anarchy. He suggested a moped. WTF?

Would Jax drive a moped? Nope? Me either.

Would Jax drive a moped? Nope? Me either.

Lions roar. Like Simba in the Lion King. This is not a movie that I cared for very much, but then again, I didn’t watch it until I was 25. Backstory: Like most other tweens my age, I had a crush on JTT, who voiced young Simba, but when I found out that he was only there for about half the film, I boycotted.

Robin Hood. The Jungle Book. Nemo. Any of the Toy Story movies. There are lots of better Disney movies. Just saying, don’t hate on this hater. 😉


31 thoughts on “R is for Roooooaaaaar!

  1. NotAPunkRocker says:

    What, you weren’t enamoured by Matthew Broderick as the voice of Simba through the second half of the movie?

    Truth to be told, I would have loved to listen to Jeremy Irons as Scar all day. Roooooar!

    Following the commenter above, my favorite Rex line in the Toy Story series is: I can’t look, can somebody cover my eyes?

    Liked by 1 person

        • Anxious Mom says:

          I can’t call you old since you’re the same age as my husband, and referring to anyone pushing 40 as old is offensive to him. 😉

          I saw bits and pieces of Ferris Bueller. Not War Games.

          I was either allowed to watch kiddie stuff or terrible horror movies that gave me nightmares (mfing Cape Fear) when I was in elementary school. +1 for parenting!


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