Our Religious Freedoms Are Being Taken

Heads up–if you’re someone who likes to use your religion to spread hate (maybe you don’t call it “hate,” but you use it to discriminate against others), move along. You won’t like this post and this issue isn’t something I will debate. 

Imagine my surprise tonight when I’m scrolling through my Facebook feed for the first time in a while (scrolling through the WordPress feed is much funner) when I see that there is a petition being passed around specific to my hometown.

Interested, I open it up. It’s a petition to get the county’s rec department to stop having makeup games on Wednesdays. I know how this goes, as Little Man participates. When a game is called off because of the weather, it’s rescheduled on either Wednesday or Friday night. Regular games are on the other days (except Sunday, obviously).

I roll my eyes as I skim through it. The petition maintains that makeup games should only be on Friday night, not Wednesday because of “religious reasons.” If you aren’t from the South, then you may not know that Southern Baptists have certain programs and worship on Wednesday nights. (Maybe regular ol’ Baptists around the rest of the country do as well; I wouldn’t know.)

As I read more, I can’t help but think that this is a dumb petition. (Why yes, I am an asshole!) For one, these are elementary age kids–it’s not the end of the world if your kid misses a game! This could be a good opportunity to teach them about priorities, no? And usually when we have nasty weather days, it’s for more than one day (or the fields are so muddy the day after that they’re called off). How are we gonna reschedule every single game that may be canceled over the course of the week on one night? Uh, no, not happening.

And another thing, the petition talks about how the parents paid good money for their kids to play, yet their religious freedoms are being stomped on in order to participate.

Do what?!

At a time when so many of our religious freedoms are being taken and tested, we must protect the few that we do have.

Dear petition maker, I see what you’re doing here. Since the gays are getting to marry, which clearly tests your religious freedom (how, I’m unsure), then the issue of rescheduling kiddie sports games on Wednesday nights is pretty fucking important. I mean, gotta get in that extra hate service right, otherwise your kids might miss the lesson on ways good Christians can hate gays. Can’t have that.

Christians like this (whose numbers seem to be higher than Christians who aren’t like this) make the rest look bad. Get over your fucking selves. Not everything is about you and your religion, least of all the rescheduling of a damn t-ball game. Which I doubt you really care about anyway and are likely just using it as a method of getting everyone riled up about the possibility of their religious freedoms being trampled upon. 


An Annoyed Christian

(Oh, remember that heads up at the top? Still applies.)


24 thoughts on “Our Religious Freedoms Are Being Taken

  1. I am sitting here, in my bed, shaking my head going “WTF, are they serious?” And I live in a small Quaker town, so you can imagine Wednesday night services and bible studies and programs out the wazoo here…I feel my own rant coming on.

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  2. Reblogged this on tweetlessblogmore and commented:
    This is the kind of thing I deal with as an anti-religious and non-fundamentalist Christian living in the south where there are extreme fundamentalist religious and judgmental Christians. Distinguishing oneself from this group is difficult since you are ostracized for not being in their country club church. I might add that I once suggested to feed the homeless to one of these southern baptist religious fervor types- and this person said feeding the homeless was a waste of time because homeless people are lazy and its their fault tbeir homeless- and that it says in the Bible we don’t have to take care of these “lazy” people. To those reading this who aren’t in the US- you must know if you live in southern states and are not a Church going fundamentalist Christian- then you are going to hell- and these people won’t even talk to you if you do not believe exactly the way they do- because they believe they are God’s chosen people- and they believe the Bible gives them the right to judge and discriminate. My friend (Anxious Mom) and me live in the same southern state and we both are Christians and angry that we have to be put in the same Category bucket of these assholes. I plead with those that read this to not put us in that religious bucket and know that not all Christians are assholes like those types- and we aren’t here to cram Christianity down your throat- quite the opposite- we want everyone to be simply free to worship who and what they choose (or not choose) and not be judged for said freedom.
    E- I enjoyed your post and second the motion to stop these assholes from pushing their fundamentalist practices on everyone else. If I lived in your city you know I would be “raising hell” right there with ya! 😂😘😎
    And on a sidenote- no matter what religion or non-religion you are- let this also serve as a message to you not to shove any belief or non-belief on anyone. To quote John Lennon like I always like to do “Let it be” and my own advice- live and let live 😎😇

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  3. This is mental! Glad you blogged about it to share the lunacy with the rest of us. I like to think the Christians like that, who make others look bad, aren’t as many in number as it seems, they just tend to rave louder than the sane ones 🙂

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    • Anxious Mom says:

      You are probably right (I hope!). I do fear that the quieter ones are more likely to buy into this bullcrap though. (Going by the not so crazy person who got a fire lit under her and shared it.)


  4. I knew where you were goin there. Wednesday’s prayer meetin night for half the Protestants here.
    I’d sure prefer Wednesday night make-ups, cause for this heathen, Friday nights are quesoeverything and margaritas at the local Mexican dive!

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    • Anxious Mom says:

      No doubt about that. I suppose it’s possible that some kids are raised differently and succumb to peer pressure, but I rather doubt that accounts for most of it.


  5. NotAPunkRocker says:

    I really think most of America needs to take a class and pass a test on the Constitution (or at least the Bill or Rights) before invoking any argument that includes “my rights” and “FREEDOM!”

    10 points if you read “FREEDOM!” like William Wallace in Braveheart
    20 if you read it like George Michael’s song (either version)

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  6. When I think of my religious freedom being taken away I think of that time I was asked to leave a restaurant because I held hands with my family and we prayed (under our breath.) So when “Christians” [hateful people aren’t real Christians to me] get their hemorrhoids twisted over stupid shit like the right every person has to love and legally marry whoever the fuck they want, I go through 71638394737 meme faces.

    People like that are the reason why I have to add a long ass explanation after “I’m Christian” because they fail every single thing true Christianity stands for with their idiocy.

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