Weekend Coffee Share: Lunch Date and Nerd Stuff

Screenshot 2015-04-19 at 5.24.12 PM

Since it’s rather late in the day for caffeine, have a nice cup of decaffeinated coffee or a caffeine-free Coke.

If we were having our beverages, I’d tell you that I had a nice afternoon out with my husband. My mother-in-law called asking for the kids around 11:30, so after we took our showers and all that, we dropped them out and went out to lunch, did our grocery shopping, and then had a couple hours to ourselves.

I would also tell you that when you drop by next weekend, I may not have any Coke to offer you, since we’re back on our health kick (for the moment). We aren’t doing anything drastic this time, just counting calories, cutting out the sweet drinks, and adding in some light exercise. That’s what worked a couple years ago (dropped 40 pounds then!), so hopefully we’ll stick with it and it will work this time around as well.

Something else I would share with you is that Baby Girl finally slept in her crib, not once, but twice. Even though she’s close to 10 months old, she has been sleeping in a swaddler in her rock-n-play cradle. We got her a transitional swaddler a few weeks ago, which has been an adjustment, and then last night, Sam put her in her crib (in a regular swaddler). She slept through the night (OMG) and took a nap in it this morning. So, one step backwards on the swaddler, but a big step forward by her using the crib. She’s a smaller baby (and her motor skills are a bit “behind” for her age), so we have more time for her to get there.

The last thing I would tell you over our beverages is that Sam dug some stuff out of storage and I was able to put some of my action figures up on the floating shelves he installed a couple days ago (as well as some of his stuff). The good news is that they look great, the bad news is that the shelves don’t hold nearly as much as I thought they would. So we need a few more to get everything up.

Check it out:

  Have a great week! 🙂


20 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Lunch Date and Nerd Stuff

  1. I saw the photo of your coffee mug and the word “Nirvana” and I’m like, hey, she likes Nirvana! And then my eyes wondered to the guys, and I’m like, wait, that’s not Nirvana. I sure hope your obsession with Hanson doesn’t invade my dreams (when I have them). 🙂

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  2. I had a glass of reisling. It was just what needed, thanks! Love the Star Wars shelves. Will you see “The Force Awakens”? I will wait until it comes out on DVD as much as I’d like to see it in the theater. Great news with Baby Girl. When it comes to babies, I’ve always lived by “they’ll do it when they’re ready” philosophy. So far it has worked with Crash and Bang. Way to go giving up the Coke. I gave it up for Lent, but now that Lent is over I’ve fallen off the wagon. I’m going to climb back on this week. Thanks for the glass of wine and chat! It was lovely!

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    • Anxious Mom says:

      Haha, nice!

      We will. LM has been talking about this for a while, so there is no way we get out of taking him to the theater to see it.

      Good luck to you getting back on the wagon. Coke is hard to come off of 😉 (Really though.)

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