P is for Penny and Preview (Dawn of Justice!)

In the middle of writing this, I came across the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer…or preview…so it’s getting tossed in here 😀


P is for Penny. No, not the thing that used to be made mostly out of copper that you won’t pick up if you drop it on the ground.

Penny from The Big Bang Theory. I only now realized that I don’t  know her last name, went to google, which revealed that her last name…hasn’t been revealed. Guess I lose some fan cred on that one!


I know what you’re thinking–Penny is the “cool one” on the show–how does she fit the nerd life theme?

First of all, she is a nerd by association. There’s no way she is around nerds all the time without absorbing some of that. Second, I like TBBT and I like Penny. So there. Third, there is Pamy. Forget Shamy, Pamy is what’s up. I don’t know if anyone else acknowledges the Penny-Amy Farrah Fowler friendship as Pamy, so if you don’t–do. We’ll make it a thing.

When TBBT first came out, my husband refused to watch. “They’re just making fun of nerds. It’s offensive.” So we didn’t watch until season 4, when we stumbled on a rerun and liked it almost as much as The Office (nothing will ever compare).

We ended up buying the first three seasons on DVD and binge-watched them. And as we caught up on season 4, Amy Farrah Fowler (Sheldon’s sort of love interest) started appearing more frequently. We adored her! She took the show to another level in my opinion, in terms of humor.

She also became Penny’s “bestie,” and that relationship included gems such as this:

S5Ep17_-_Amy_and_Penny_with_the_paintingMy best friend and I have something of a Penny-Amy Farrah Fowler relationship, where she’s the one who has tried to teach me more about doing the girly stuff properly and I’m the dorky one cracking up when she revealed that she thought Madagascar was just a made up place in the movie. 😀


Moving on. The Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer! I had really planned to write more about Penny, but then as I was doing my musical browser tabs thing, I came across this preview, had a bit of a nerd brain explosion, so I’m on to this now.

This is the second brain explosion this week (the first coming on the heels of the new Star Wars Episode VII trailer)!

FYI-brain is still in exploded mode, so whatever follows after the trailer should probably just be disregarded. Check it out:

I know what some of you are thinking (particularly those who feel the need to slander my good name by saying that I love Batman in a post hehe)–don’t you hate Batman, E?

Well, no. I actually like the character okay. But, my husband has some mad love for Batman, which means that I must aggravate him by pointing out certain inconvenient truths about the Bat.

Such as–Batman versus Superman? That title makes me laugh! I won’t say anymore there so as not to be a nerd buzzkill.




14 thoughts on “P is for Penny and Preview (Dawn of Justice!)

  1. SD Gates says:

    I need to watch that show (I know, don’t shout at me, you can’t believe I haven’t watched it. I’m too busy watching paranormal shows and Investigation Discovery channel and Airplane Disasters). I’ve always been the nerdier one of all my friends, never really got into all the girl stuff, hair, make-up, nails – that kind of stuff. That may begin to explain why I always look like I just stumbled out of a jungle.

    Liked by 1 person

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