Things The Kid Said This Week (2)

Here are a few things Little Man said this week that had us cracking up:

Tonight LM was playing with his Transformers. He plans to make videos to put on YouTube showing people how to transformer these things. He randomly asks: 

Where is Optimus Prime’s penis?


During his visit with the doctor today, she commented on the color of his sister’s reddish blonde hair (which neither his dad nor I have) and asked if her daddy delivers the mail. 

A rather offended Little Man:

My Daddy does NOT deliver the mail. 


After returning home from his grandma’s:

Hey, Mommy I missed you!

“I missed you more!” I said.

No, I missed you more! I know this because the Force is strong with me and it isn’t with you. If I have to, I’ll Jedi mind trick you.


After being picked up from school on Monday:

Mom, I had a terrible day at school.

“Oh no, what happened?” I asked.

Clint got in my spot in music. I told him that it’s my spot, but he sat in it anyway.

Oh, do you guys have assigned seats?

No, but it’s my spot. I don’t like people sitting in my spot.



After telling him that I had rented him the Penguins of Madagascar movie:

I’m so excited I could cough my lungs out!

Um, okay.


After his grandma commented “how sweet!” on a picture he posted of the two of us to his Facebook page: 

It looks regular. 



23 thoughts on “Things The Kid Said This Week (2)

  1. Oh I love these! I have started telling the lil miss she is an odd duck, because she is so random. Her response, we’ll you gave birth to me and raised me, so it’s your fault. Have I told you how fun 9 is? Lol

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  2. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Well, I suppose since the gas hose goes into Optimus Prime, he may technically be a she?

    And thank you for using proper names for anatomy with him. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Anxious Mom says:

      Bwahaha too bad it’s not yet appropriate for me to point out why OP could be a girl 😉

      That’s a newish thing. I realized when I was pregnant with BG and trying to explain certain things that “weewee” didn’t exactly work to well. Will be keeping it real the second time around.


  3. myambivalentexistence says:

    Kids are hilarious :p
    Conversation in my car today

    Baby S (4) is coughing (very fakely)
    This is annoying E (11)

    E : sit up right now mr
    S: I can’t, I’m playing dead
    E: mom , make him stop , he’s annoying me
    S: Yeesh, I’m only four

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