O is for the One Ring

I mentioned before that the Lord of the Rings was a pretty big thing with my husband and me. Read our dating story for more on that.


At some point during our dating period, we bought each other cheap One Rings off eBay that supposedly said:

One ring to rule them all

One ring to bind them

One ring to bring them together

And their hearts, entwine them.

It probably didn’t say that, but at the time I couldn’t read a lick of Tengwar and didn’t know any better. They were also supposed to be silver, but turned a color that wasn’t close to silver within months. I still have mine, but don’t know what happened with Sam’s.

Anyway, fast forward about 9 years later (which is Christmas 2013). At this point we’ve been married for just over 7 years and both of us have lost our wedding bands.

I lost mine first. Actually, I lost my beautiful expensive engagement ring five or six times, and then I finally lost my wedding band (I have a terrible fidgeting habit and if I’m wearing rings, I’ll take them off and mindlessly play with them). A few months after losing my wedding band, Sam lost his, which he felt really bad about. Obviously, I was in no place to guilt him, so I didn’t…much.

Did we take both of us losing our wedding bandsΒ as a sign that we weren’t meant to be? Hell no. I was a good three months pregnant with Tax Break #2. What we did take that as was the opportunity to buy the rings we wanted all along, but didn’t because we cared a bit about getting strange looks back when we got married.

This is what I ordered for us off Amazon–stepping it up almost a decade later!:


His knuckles are the hairier ones. I swear.


That’s right. Our wedding bands are now the One Ring. As Little Man would say, booya!

FYI: these rings are tungsten carbide. In other words, they are cheap (but they also don’t scratch easily)! So if we lose these, no problemo, back to Amazon I’ll go.


22 thoughts on “O is for the One Ring

  1. Marielli_ says:

    Cool rings something totally different. My engagement rind is a simple one nothing with a huge diamond and for my wedding ring I want a black diamond band not your usual wedding ring n my husbands the same a black band with a white Gold or silver finish

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  2. I wear a variety of rings on my married finger. One is my grandmother’s mother’s ring (you know with stones for all the children?) — as a gift, the stones were changed to suit our family — that’s the one I got married with. He bought me a peridot about 10 years ago, so I wear that one sometimes, too. I have a diamond antique-looking one he got me in 2007, so I sometimes wear it. Usually I wear a plain white gold band. Skinny, gets caught on nothin πŸ™‚
    It’s really not about the ring, which you well know, may as well have some fun with it! Yours are perfectly suited to you!

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  3. That’s so awesome! Just be careful not to drop the rings Tungsten Carbide shatters I only know this because my previous Chemistry teacher had a Tungsten Carbide watch and he accidentally dropped it and it shattered into like a million pieces, but those are so cool! πŸ™‚

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  4. Zoe says:

    This is FANTASTICALLY epic. I love it. I can’t wear anything that isn’t gold, silver, or surgical steel (my skin will fall off green) so I am very limited by the rings I can find to wear. And my skinny ass size 4 finger too. Ugh. This is awesome. I want one lol.

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  5. “Jewelry takes people’s minds off your wrinkles.” Sonja Henie

    “Will the people in the cheaper seats clap your hands? And the rest of you, if you’ll just rattle your jewelry.” John Lennon


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