Little Man is Frustrated* With Me

This is why happens when kids get a free write for their homework.

Here is why he’s frustrated:

(FYI-the first underlined word, “thrustrated,” is “frustrated.” It took me a moment to get this.)  

I am very thrustrated at my mom. She made me do do this writing at the table even though the floor was a lot harder. That’s why the G on writing has a hole in it. Ok, that’s it, I’m getting on floor write now! Well the good thing is that mom can’t see me. Well she’s in her room, and I’m in between the couch and my dog’s bed. The End.

I told him to write on the card table, not the floor. Apparently I should have told him to put a notebook under his paper to press on.


23 thoughts on “Little Man is Frustrated* With Me

  1. SD Gates says:

    Big mean mummy. Keep that letter!! I have one from the boys asking for a sleepover. They promised they would be good and do everything I asked and then qualified that statement in parentheses by saying “it was in a sinsear voice” just so I would know. Kids are the best!!!!

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