Things the Kid Said This Week

“Mommy, can you check my butt?”

Little Man yelled this loudly from the bathroom at CVS. I cracked the door open and he’s grabbing his ankles with his exposed butt in the air, ready for me to inspect. Fortunately no one happened past.

“If you wiped it and there was nothing on the paper you’re fine!”

“Oh my god, he’s stepping on my PENIS!”

He yelled this after the dog walked across his lap.

“Campbell told me that hell is the worst bad word there is. I told him that he was wrong and that hell isn’t the worst bad word there is. I know worse bad words. But I didn’t tell him what they were.” 

Thank you.

“Look, they’re floating!” 

I’ll let you figure that one out.

“I’m Baby Girl’s jester. It’s my job to make her laugh.”

Do you have any funny things your kids or kids you’ve been around have said this week?


16 thoughts on “Things the Kid Said This Week

  1. Never a dull moment.
    On Easter Sunday at my in-laws’ house, Sassy (dressed in a skirt) plonked herself out of a recliner and gave us quite a show. Fortunately, only her sister and I saw it, but OH MY! Her papaw might have fainted!

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    • Anxious Mom says:

      Ha! I did something similar when I was 4. During testing for 4k, the man asked me to show him my hips and I refused, thinking he wanted me to pull my pants down. So they decided I was too dumb to skip 4k!


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