F is for Friendship 

(Holy crap, an F post that isn’t related to my potty mouth in front of the kids? Well, the day is far from being over.)

So, the next in the Nerd Life theme for the A to Z Challenge is F for Friendship. You thought I was going to say F for Fellowship or F for Frodo, didn’t you? (Well, had things gone as planned yesterday and my husband dug out my box of LOTR toys, I would have shown you the many faces of Frodo. But that didn’t happen. Maybe another day.)

It’s not always easy to find someone who gets you–who gets that dorkiness, the dark side, the child like enthusiasm for things that leaves the rest of society scratching their heads. But when you find that person who gets you and accepts you just the way you are, nerdiness and flaws and all, it’s pretty great. Or so I hear. 😉

Here are some famous nerdy friend type couples.

May you find the Samwise to your Frodo, the one who’s never gonna give you up…

Screenshot 2015-04-07 at 3.10.00 AM

…the Chewie to your Han Solo, who’s never gonna let you down…


…the Sauron to your One Ring, who’s never gonna run around and desert you (because he can’t!)…


…the kryptonite to your Lex Luthor, who’s never gonna make you cry…

Screenshot 2015-04-07 at 3.17.07 AM

…the Willow to your Buffy, who’s never gonna say goodbye (even if Buffy dies and Willow goes evil)…

images (1)

…and the Voldemort No Name Dude You Know Who (Andi got me straightened out :D) to your Dumbledore, who’s never gonna tell a lie and hurt you…


(Hey, I tried Harry Potter fans.)


13 thoughts on “F is for Friendship 

  1. I painted Chewbacca on my son’s bedroom wall–like six foot. This was after I had painted Yoda. He was probably age 7-9. He asked me to please paint over it because it was too scary. 🙂

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