Reasons Not To Go to School

As much as Little Man says he loves school, he is not a morning person–on school days. And, yes, his internal clock can tell not only the difference between the weekdays and weekends, but also teacher workdays and other holidays.

During the school week, he has to be dragged out of bed. On the weekend, during winter/spring/summer vacations and other various days off that we are required to keep him home for the sanity of the teachers, he’s up before the sun rises.

Since he hates getting up early 180 days per year, LM has come up with a number of reasons for why he can’t get out of bed.

I’m so tired. I didn’t sleep at all last night.

Oh, yes, you freaking did. Believe me, I’d know. Because you’d let me know. Five million times.

(He freaked the doctor out once when he was five after telling her that he NEVER, EVER goes to sleep. He has also made claims that he was being starved because we hadn’t fed him since breakfast. It was 9:30 a.m. We haven’t been reported to DSS yet, amazingly.)

I’ve got the sniffles.

Since he’s in first grade, he isn’t very advanced at faking being sick yet, so he always falls back to “I have the sniffles.” He has allergies, so guess how many times I’ve heard this one in his year and a half as a student? He informed me tonight as I was tucking him in that he does indeed have the sniffles again, so I imagine tomorrow will be another one of those mornings.

I decided that I want to be home schooled.

I gave LM the choice between going to public school and being home schooled last year. I’m sure some people think that probably isn’t something I should leave up to the kid, but he loves being around other people, and I wanted him to have the choice.

LM often regrets choosing public school–but only in the mornings.

“Mommy, I really want to start being home schooled,” Little Man told me on Monday.

“So after you finish this week out, you don’t want to go back?” I asked.

“I want to start now. So I don’t have to go to school today, right? But I’ll go back tomorrow. Or Friday.”

I want to take a mental health day.

No, that’s not a joke. I let him have the day off once last semester because he had woken up in the middle of the night with a bad dream and didn’t go back to sleep (see? I know when that happens). I commented that morning when the alarm went off that he could just take a mental health day since I could tell he felt rough. When he asked what that meant, I told him that it just meant his brain needed the day off.

Naturally, that’s not a term he forgot. Well, now he needs mental health days. Frequently. (Don’t we all?)


I can’t think of a single time that I tried to skip out on going to school when I was a kid–even through high school. Church, on the other hand…


8 thoughts on “Reasons Not To Go to School

  1. sparkyplants says:

    Mental health days are good for everyone, including school-aged children. We used to take the kids birthdays off, go to the movies, eat lunch, just relax. Best days ever!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hah! Yes, I’ve heard all but the mental health day — quite clever he is!
    “I didn’t sleep at all last night,” is probably the one I’ve heard the most. As if! I always think there must have been a period of sleeplessness, which they’ve exaggerated.
    I think my favorite was when my son was 6, he told the dr he pees at least three times an hour. The dr sent him for blood draw. After that, not much with the exaggerations 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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