Being a Rock Star is Awesome

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(Time for a break from the mental health stuff.)

“Mommy, I have a secret to tell you,” Little Man told me a couple days after Valentine’s Day, when he heard his dad telling his grandma about the card LM made for him. “I wasn’t being serious–I was just trying to make Daddy feel good. I like you the best.”

For Valentine’s Day, LM made up a few unintentionally humorous cards. On the one he gave his dad, he told him that he liked him a little bit better than me because he’s older. With the revelation he made a couple days later, balance was restored to The Force.

LM has always been a mama’s boy, which I suppose comes with the SAHM territory. My husband calls me “The LM Whisperer” since he typically listens to me much better–LM can be very resistant about doing the simplest things his dad tells him to do. This, of course, causes a bit concern, as he needs to respect his dad as an authority figure, but I have to admit, the rock star treatment I get from LM is nice.

That kid will sing my praises to anyone who will listen, and he is so serious about it, too.

To his pediatrician when he was five: “My mommy is a genius. And the funniest person alive.”

To his teacher from last year: “Just so you know, my mommy knows everything. And I mean everything. She’s the smartest person I know. She’s smarter than my dad, too.”

To my husband last week: “Mommy is so funny. Why can’t you be funny like her?”

To me, also last week: “Mommy, if it weren’t for you, I’d be the funniest person I know.”

To a random adult at the playground: “My mom is a writer. Her name is in a book. She even wrote about Star Wars once. Isn’t she the coolest?”

I’m pretty sure people think I’m paying him to be my promoter or something. Even if it is rather awkward when he approaches a stranger to randomly tell them a mommy tidbit, I do enjoy the adoration. I know it won’t last much longer as he gets older and a) realizes that Mommy isn’t that smart–she just knows how to Google and b) cringes at my jokes, so I might as well soak it up while I can.

From the looks of things, my husband will be getting the rock star treatment soon enough. Baby Girl doesn’t want to let her daddy out of her sight. Since my husband works from home, this often results in me carrying her around to watch her dad do various things–work on his computer, shave, eat a sandwich. My husband has often commented that the connection LM and I have makes his heart swell, and I’m looking forward to watching something similar blossom between him and BG in the coming years.


8 thoughts on “Being a Rock Star is Awesome

  1. marielli88 says:

    My daughter is the same shell favor me over her father but at times if she wants something shell give her daddy the puppy eyes. Kids are so smart they know how to play us ahahha 😄

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