My First Grader is a Valentine’s Day Card Maker Pro

One of my favorite things about Little Man in his way with words. He tends to say exactly what is on his mind and doesn’t have much of a filter. He is very literal, so sometimes the things he says can come off as being a bit rude, but don’t usually mean to be (I don’t think), as he is a very thoughtful and tender-hearted kid. As such, it’s always fun to see what he comes up with when he has to write a letter or card.

He fixed up cards for his classmates and teachers tonight to take for their party tomorrow. I had a tough time keeping a straight face when I saw the one he did for his teacher:


In case you don’t read first grader (or are thrown off by him starting on the right and finishing on the left), it says:

Dear _____, I like how you think I have good stuff. Just to let you know, I can not find my math homework sheet!

A Valentine’s Day with a homework excuse in it in first grade. I love it.

Little Man gave my husband his Valentine’s Day card yesterday.

Dear Daddy, I like you a little bit more than I like Mommy because you’re older. 

LM is typically very quick to point out that he prefers me over his dad (and can’t understand why that might hurt his daddy’s feelings), so my husband liked this one.

Mine said:

Dear Mommy, I love how you get me stuff, so I’m going to get stuff for you to.

He did cards for his grandparents as well. I haven’t looked through those yet, but I’m hoping that there will be something else funny. 🙂



3 thoughts on “My First Grader is a Valentine’s Day Card Maker Pro

    • Anxious Mom says:

      His teacher didn’t give him a negative mark for not having all of his homework (they have an app to tell us all that), so I guess either it worked or they just didn’t have one 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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