My Task This Week: Become the DaVinci of Birthday Cake Makers

Little Man’s birthday is coming up this week, so I figured I’d up my mom points and bake him a cake, rather than buy one from the bakery section at the grocery store.

(And by “bake,” I mean it’ll cook in my oven–Betty Crocker will be assisting, as I have little patience for sifting flour. Cookies are my thing.)

So, as I was writing out the grocery list, I told LM to let me know what kind of cake he wanted, so I could add the cake mix flavor to my list.

“Oooh, how about a strawberry cake?” Little Man asked with more excitement than I had anticipated.

“Sure,” I said and wrote it down. “What kind of frosting?”

He mulled it over. “How about green frosting?”

“Okay,” I said and wrote vanilla frosting down, making a mental note to check to see if I have any food coloring left.

“But Mom,” LM said, “it needs to be light green frosting, okay?”

“I can do that.”

“Aaaaaand, I want it to say ‘Happy Birthday’ in yellow frosting. Can you do that?”

“Uh, sure,” I said and made a note to buy a squeeze tube of yellow frosting so I wouldn’t have to mess with pastry bags.

“And I want five red flowers, okay?”

“Um…” I wrote down “candy flowers,” even though I’m not sure if they still sell those.

Little Man kept talking. “Each flower needs to have six petals, okay? And each flower needs to have a green stem and a brown dot in the middle of the flower, okay? And then, under the flowers, I want grass. It needs to be green, but a darker green than the rest of the cake. And over the top of the flowers, I want a sun. And clouds. And how about a tree?”


“Do you think you can do that, Mommy?” LM asked, his cute little face beaming. “That’s what I really want on my birthday cake!”

Oh hell. Maybe I’ll draw a picture in Paint and see about getting it printed on a cake. Or I’ll just go with strawberry cake, light green frosting, ‘Happy Birthday’ in yellow letters and hope that he forgets the rest over the next couple of days.


11 thoughts on “My Task This Week: Become the DaVinci of Birthday Cake Makers

  1. Even if you bought a cake, they would not be able to accommodate all of his requests. Go with your plan of strawberry cake, green frosting and yellow writing. Or maybe take him with you when you shop (OK maybe this is not a good idea, but at least he would see that all those specifics are not available for sale.)


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    • Anxious Mom says:

      And if they did, they’d probably charge an arm and a leg 🙂 Kids are so funny, you’d expect a Ninja Turtle request maybe, not q very detailed landscape haha


  2. The Professionally Depressed Professional says:

    I am up to my elbows in cake and icing today because both of my boys would like to decorate a cake EACH for the annual school cake decorating contest. Lord help me! We’re all going to bouncing off the walls from the sugar!

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