Science Projects and Procrastination Don’t Mix

Little Man had the option of participating in the science fair at his school this year. Even though first graders don’t get to participate in the district-wide fair (assuming he places), he was very excited about it since he loves science.

LM told me he wanted to do his project on magnets a couple weeks ago after reading a book at school. His idea was to see if he could make other metal objects magnetic using a magnet. He got several different objects and rubbed them on a large magnet he has, and then tried to pick up part of a broken paperclip with the newly magnetized object. He was successful with a few things, too.

I had planned to help him put his poster together on Sunday or Monday since it’s due tomorrow (technically today), but that didn’t happen, and we had to do it this evening.

Don’t ever wait until the last minute to do a science project poster. It’s been so long since I’ve had to do one of those that I forgot how much work goes into it–especially when you’re having to redirect your easily distracted 6-year-old’s attention every 30 seconds. No joke. (That whole thing we were told about him being able to focus intently on anything he’s interested in didn’t work out this time.)

I had to make a super last-minute run to the pharmacy to print off some pictures of him conducting his experiment. I got back 20 minutes before his bedtime, but he was able to complete it. Little Man was extremely proud of his work, as were his dad and I.

LM is hoping to win a trophy. He said that if he doesn’t get that, maybe they’ll send him on a trip to Africa if he wins. 🙂


12 thoughts on “Science Projects and Procrastination Don’t Mix

  1. The Professionally Depressed Professional says:

    We are about to enter the dreaded, writing-memorizing-memorizing-crying(by me)-crying(by him) phase of 9 year old speech land . . . I’m shuddering already and I only found out about it yesterday!

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    • Anxious Mom says:

      Oh no, something else to look forward to! That seems young to memorize a speech, but the times are a changing (that and it’s been two decades since I was that age myself).


  2. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    I feel your pain. In my school system, science fair projects are required from third through sixth grades. Last year masked my last science fair project for both of my kids…I have to admit I am kinda relieved.

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  3. NotAPunkRocker says:

    The science projects in middle school for M were not only mandatory, but we had poster/display guidelines. You HAD to buy a display board from the school. You could NOT use stenciled letters. The whole scientific process HAD to be on certain panels of the display board. Etc. etc, etc.

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