Someone Cleaned My Toilet Last Night

So, we had our party last night, and despite really wanting to cancel the day before, it went great and I had a good time.

Since we had the kids all afternoon, plus had to do some shopping for the party, my hubby S and I were in a race against the clock to finish cleaning the house.

As I worked on my list and S worked on his, he realized that he had about 45 minutes before the guests were supposed to start showing up. “Should I mop or take on the master bathroom?” he asked.

“Mop,” I answered. “Little Man has spilled stuff everywhere, plus no one is supposed to go in the master bedroom and bathroom anyway. (I always shut off the door to the master bedroom before parties since I don’t want people in there…can’t have anyone oggling my Aragorn poster after all.)

S was busy mopping when some guests popped in 30 minutes early. These were people we could always count on to be an hour late, yet they arrived early, before we were finished with cleaning and party prep. S finished up with his stuff, then sat down to chat with the guests while I finished putting out food.

He didn’t get to the master bathroom, obviously, but I didn’t think that mattered–until I went in about midnight and found the doors to the cabinet under the sink where we keep cleaning supplies open and noticed that my toilet was sparkling.

Frankly, I don’t know whether to be happy about the fact that someone took time during a party to clean my toilet (which wasn’t absolutely terrible, but you could certainly tell that a grown man and 6-year-old use it) or if I should be embarrassed.


5 thoughts on “Someone Cleaned My Toilet Last Night

  1. happy!! Whom ever it was would not have done it if they didn’t love you and genuinely want to help. Trust me on this one! How many people’s toilets would you clean? I can count them on one hand!! Yay for sparkling toilets!!! (on the other hand, maybe they made a bit of a mess themselves and felt embarrassed?)

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