The Boy Found a VHS Tape

I knew it was coming – the day when Little Man would find something I had as a kid and be completely clueless about it, inevitably making me feel old as dirt.

That day was today.

Little Man was digging through the entertainment unit and found a VHS tape stuck at the very back.

“Oh my gosh, Mom, what’s this?” he asked, holding up the tape. I cringed. How to explain a time when not everything came on a shiny disc, didn’t have a menu, and you had to wait a good three minutes to rewind a movie to the start?

“Wait, I know what this is…” he said before I could answer. “This is one of those double CD holders. I’ve seen these before,” he says, making it sound like a museum artifact.

Little Man brought the VHS over to me and pointed out the two clear areas on the VHS where the tape goes. “This is where each of the CDs or DVDs go. And you need one of those special big boxes to use it. I saw one at my friend’s house. Cool, huh?”

Very. Despite the tapes being annoying to rewind and untangle at times, that system did have its perks. The videos were virtually indestructible, as long as you didn’t leave them in the car. I remember having quite a few videos that were taped at places, which just caused a little bump in the movie.

You could also copy pretty much anything you rented. Which I now know was illegal and wouldn’t recommend doing, of course.

I explain that it’s a VHS tape and how it works. Instead of thinking it’s lame, Little Man responds with, “That’s so awesome! Can we get one?!”

Now it’s time to introduce him to the Walkman. Or whatever my cheap knockoff version was.


5 thoughts on “The Boy Found a VHS Tape

  1. Not too long ago I sent a tape to a *much* younger friend, thinking they’d get a kick out of it when they watched it. After it arrived, the puzzled person asked, “Why did you send this? Where would I get a VHS player?” At least he knew what it was. I think his parents might have one… sigh.

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