“All I Got for Christmas Was A ______”

Like any other kid, Little Man is very excited about Christmas. As you can see from his Christmas List, he has pretty high expectations. While he is constantly thinking of new things he wants (some of which have me scared for the rest of humanity), he’s also big on gift giving and has been wrapping things he finds around the house.

This has been both bad and good. Bad, when he wraps up the prized Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle that I’ve had since I was his age, good when he wraps up something that I’ve been meaning to throw out anyway.

Last night, LM was helping me wrap gifts (his wrapping skills aren’t much worse than mine) and he decided to wrap a couple items for kids in his class. For one of the little boys in his class, he wrapped a black bracelet I made. And then he grabbed a square of wrapping paper and took off to his room to wrap something else. I didn’t think much about it until he came back with this:


Any guesses as to what it is?






It’s a rock. Yep, a rock. For a little girl in his class.

Screenshot 2014-12-18 at 3.02.20 PM

When he told his Dad and me what it was, we both cracked up. Oops! We found out quickly that he was VERY serious about the rock. He went into where he found it, that it was a good quality rock, and how it would be perfect in his own rock collection. So, giving away this rock that he found walking home from school was obviously a big deal to him.

He plans to take this gift, along with a few others, to school tomorrow. I’m now kinda worried about how this will go. If the girl doesn’t tell LM thanks for the rock or doesn’t act like she likes it (and I’m pretty sure not many 6 or 7-year-old girls are going to be very appreciative of a rock), then I know he will get very upset.

I think I’m going to make the bracelet anyway and let him give her both items.



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