“Mommy, I need a hug.”

The words my son uttered when I told him it was time to put his PJs on and get ready for bed. He’s a master at putting off whatever it is I ask him to do by simply asking for a hug. Like I could possibly resist.

After he informed that he needed a hug and I wrapped my arms around him, he murmured, “Good, I haven’t had a hug all day.”

What? That hug when you woke up, before you went to school, after you got home from school, the one later that afternoon, and the one before you went to your grandma’s didn’t count? 

I smiled to myself and hugged him a little tighter, to which he responded by closing his eyes and sighing lightly, with a little smile on his face. It makes me feel good as a mom to know how much comfort and security one of my embraces can provide him.

Little Man is almost 7 and is a total mommy’s boy. He has always made it very clear that he prefers me over his father, which inevitably hurts his dad’s feelings, even though he doesn’t mean to. But, with him getting older, I can’t help but wonder how much longer he will be willing to give out his hugs (even if he does sometimes use them to put off something I’ve asked him to do). Plus, there will come a time when he seeks out his father more for whatever issues he is facing.

I tried really hard to think of how old I was when I started being rather unwilling to show affection to my dad or grandmother, but I can’t remember. I do know that it eventually happened (especially with kissing), and that even to this day, I’m not very comfortable with displays of affection from most people.

So, no idea how much longer it will last, but I will certainly take all of those hugs my sweet little boy has to offer as long as he’s willing.

And, by the way, while he was getting his hug, he also asked, “Can I sleep in your bed tonight?” He sleeps with us every chance he gets, which is fairly often now that we have a king-size bed. I know quite a few people who think that he is too old to sleep with his parents, but I don’t care. It clearly makes him feel more secure and loved, so I’m not going to deny that either, and will enjoy it while it lasts.


One thought on ““Mommy, I need a hug.”

  1. Screw what other people think. I have found that no matter what decisions you make as a parent, someone will complain that you are doing it wrong.

    Make the one choice in order to please the mother in law…and your best friend complains. Make the opposite choice and the mother in law complains.

    I had people, complete strangers, come up to me and tell me my baby is going to get pneumonia because I had no shoes or socks on her in the store.

    It was 70 degrees outside and she was in the stroller with no feet on the ground.

    The last I checked you cannot pick up airborne viruses from bare feet.

    And the reason I had given up on shoes and socks is because my baby would pop them off and throw them somewhere when I was getting something from the grocery shelf.

    I used to spend a half-hour every grocery trip hunting for socks in the frozen food aisle and the deli section.

    These people are not the parents and they do not know your kid as well as you do.

    You are cool to let him be comforted in the bed. I always did the same ♡♡

    Annie ♡♡☆☆


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