Christmas Lists for the Entire Family

Little Man has taken it upon himself to create Christmas lists for everyone in the family. Including the dog. I’m pretty sure Santa is going to have a hard time fulfilling some of these requests.

Let’s start with his list. It isn’t filled with the wants of a typical six-year-old boy, but it is pretty expensive, nonetheless.

High-powered microscope

Science building


4 Bay Blades

I asked about the science building since that seemed a tad excessive. “Do you mean that you want a little lab space in your room?” That got me a look of disgust. “No. I need a building outside that I can do my experiments in. Santa will bring me one.”

That would be a Christmas miracle, indeed.

My list wasn’t terribly interesting (books and candy, which will please me any day of the week).

LM’s list for his dad:

Brown stuff

I don’t know what else he wants

I’m not sure I want to know about the brown stuff.

His list for his dog:

“Doggie” diapers

Duck toy

Very very very long life

The last one was included as the dog he had from a toddler died earlier this year ❤

And last, but not least, his Christmas list for his little sister (I’m including a picture since I was particularly cracked up by the first item):


In case you can’t make out the handwriting, the list includes:



Toy phone

Red bow

Barbie night light

All “Tomase” trains

The kid will not let up on the hamper thing. He has been nagging me about it since shortly after his sister came home from the hospital. I decided to combine LM and Baby Girl’s dirty clothes into one basket and moved the hamper from his bedroom to their bathroom. He was not too happy about it. He removed her clothes and put the hamper back in his room several times before giving up. He didn’t forget, obviously!


3 thoughts on “Christmas Lists for the Entire Family

  1. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Brown stuff: tobacco? That’s what it would have been with my son’s father, he dipped that stuff :/

    Very sweet lists. 🙂

    Beyblades…so glad mine aged out of that phase. I remember the first time realizing some of those things had to be assembled. WTH? It’s a fancy spinning top?!

    Liked by 1 person

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