Cutting Back

I feel like I’ve barely been treading water lately. Multi-tasking is not one of my strong suits, so I’ve decided to scale back on some of the things that I do.

I fairly recently launched myself into second and third writing jobs–big mistake. Trying to keep up with that, plus taking care of Baby Girl throughout the day, Little Man in the afternoon, couponing (which takes more time than you’d think), taking care of the house, etc. hasn’t been easy.

Some moms are great at multi-tasking, but not this one. I’m not sure how working moms are able to manage a full-time job, the kids, and the house, but they certainly have my respect. As always, when I take on a little too much, I notice that my job performance, so to speak, starts lacking in other areas.

As such, I’ve decided to drop the new writing jobs and give up couponing–just in time for the holidays 😉

Hopefully this will make for a less stressful time through the holidays!


One thought on “Cutting Back

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