Referrals Galore

A couple of months ago, the girl got referrals for speech therapy, occupational therapy, and to a behavioralist to be evaluated for autism, ADHD, and whatever else. At the last appointment the doctor also placed referrals for a neurologist and play therapist.

Hole. E. Shit. That’s a lot of stuff.

It’s all warranted. The doctors said they can barely understand half of what she says. I know she struggles with some of her sounds big time, but didn’t think it was that bad, but maybe that’s because I’m used to her. (And damn, her grandmother is offended as hell by that.) She has a large vocabulary and speaks using mostly grammatically correct sentences, too. But so many sounds give her trouble. She definitely needs help working on sensory issues and motor skills. And maybe a behavioralist will pick up on something. I feel like four is too young to start looking at ADHD. I’m by no means an expert, and will keep an open mind, but bleh.

The play therapy is to work on what’s causing the meltdowns and to help us help her control it better and to identify triggers and whatnot. I imagine that between that and working on sensory stuff in OT, that will go a long way.

And that brings us to the neurologist.

The doctor wants her to be checked for neurofibromatosis, which is a genetic disorder that can range from being mild to causing someone to develop tumors all over, among other things. She has some of the symptoms (large head, short stature, cafe au lait spots, behavioral issues), plus her dad was told that he had it as a kid. (When he followed up on it as an adult, the doctor told him not to worry about it. I don’t really know much about it, so it hasn’t been on my radar.)

If her dad’s doctor was right as a kid and he has it, then it definitely hasn’t caused him any real problems, especially as an adult, so that’s comforting.

The doc suggested letting her do a 4K head start program next year so school would be free and she would receive the above services at no cost to us, but I looked at it online, and it looks like your income has to be below a certain amount. It’d probably be better for her to stay with her current school and do private therapies, anyway, I’d think. As much as she hates changes in her routine/environment, it’d probably be good to keep that constant while we’re dealing with everything else.


Her school year is going well, though. She (and we) love her teacher. She has one of the most vibrant personalities and is great with all of the kids. The girl has two friends this year, and that makes me so damn happy. Both of them are boys (she says the girls won’t play with her, but since she likes to be the boss of everything, I suspect that has something to do with it!), and she talks nonstop about her friends. Her only complaint with one of the friends is that he sometimes wears a jacket with a sports team she hates on it. She said she tried to get him to stop wearing it. #TrueFan


Eff Birth Control

I have three words to say:

Fuck birth control.

Now I have lots more words to say.

My gynecologist put me on birth control to help fix my womanly problems. I told him I wasn’t too sure about that since they can affect your mood. For the most part, my mood has been pretty balanced, and I didn’t want to risk throwing things off. He was insistent about the birth control, though, and said it would probably make my moods even better after I let them get in my system good. I don’t want “even better.” Status quo is fine. He also told me that I needed to give them a fair chance and take them for three months before deciding whether to quit them. I knew right then that no good could come from that. No one ever tells you to give anything a fair chance if it doesn’t start out awful.

Awful was definitely the right word. After two weeks on birth control, I was straight up ready to kill somebody. It has been a long time since I felt that off. I was ragey and depressed, plus I felt like I was starving 24/7. After being a bitch, moping, and talking about how I was going to delete my book, blogs, social media, and not talk to anyone anymore and be a hermit (I know, jesus christ), my husband demanded that I stop taking the birth control. I decided to skip a couple of days and spent the day after Thanksgiving with Aunt Flo and feeling like someone was stabbing my ovaries with a spike. But you know what? That “spike in the ovaries” feeling is far more preferable to the other crap.

I have another ultrasound in a couple of weeks to see if the cysts have changed in size. The birth control was supposed to make them get smaller, or stop them from growing, at least. I’ll try doing the birth control every other day for the sake of seeing if it changes anything from the u/s, but if it’s still too much, then I’ll toss them. No way in hell will I do a full three months, though.


The boy got in a fight with the bully. First big issue he’s had with him this year. Some crap over dodgeball…they were both going after the ball, ran into each other and fell, which led to the bully jerking LM arouind and kicking him while he was on the ground. LM punched him in the face and ran off crying. He said he was trying to stop crying and calm himself down so he could go talk to the teacher when the bully approached him and apologized. He said he accepted it and shook hands.

“I think maybe he’s changing, Mom. He apologized on his own.”

The boy is so naive. How could he think someone who has treated him like shit for four years, who says racist, homophobic, and other demeaning crap to his friends, who was kicking him on the ground three minutes prior, change all of a sudden? With all the trouble that kid has been in this year, he’s probably on the verge of suspension, if not worse, and was trying to prevent that from happening.

Since LM was satisfied with the apology, I told him I wouldn’t call the principal, but I did send a message to his teacher about what happened. I told her that LM felt it was resolved, but that she needed to make a note of what happened. I didn’t get a response back. Sigh.


Things are about the same with the girl. My husband and I keep going over whether we should hold her back or not. The application for her to attend LM’s school is due next month, so we won’t be able to wait until the end of the preschool years to decide. My husband has decided that she’s too smart to stay back a year. He doesn’t think that all of the other issues (speech, motor skills, social skills, etc.) matter as much as her possibly being bored in class at times. He said he’d leave the decision up to me, though.


Over Thanksgiving, I found out that I’m getting a new niece or nephew! My baby brother and his wife are expecting. I was shocked to hear that because they’re both pretty young, but then realized that she will be the same age as I was when I had the boy. I felt grown as hell at 24, but now feel like 24 is practically a baby, haha! They broke the news by giving my dad a Thanksgiving gift, which was a onesie. My dad just looked at it like, “Okay…neat. Hmm. OH WAIT!” and then it clicked. I can’t wait to have a new baby around ❤ LM said he hopes it’s a girl, since they’re usually sweeter, unless they’re like his sister.