Repost: That Time I Broke My Ass

From a few years ago…

I am a very clumsy person. I’ve broken several bones, had more sprains than I can count, and often have bumps and bruises that I have no idea how I got.

Me + doing anything more than walking = disaster.

Okay, maybe it’s not that bad, but close.

When I was in the eighth grade, I had the opportunity to go on a skiing trip with the rest of the grade. What fun! I had never been skiing before, plus a guy that I liked a lot in my class was going on the trip, so I knew it would be an awesome time.

After we got there, I went through the thing they had set up for beginners and by lunch time, I was ready to go down the intermediate trail. So I went down it a couple of times and built up my confidence.

My confidence built up quickly. Too quickly.

The third time I went down, I decided to go down fast. So down the hill I went in a straight line. About halfway down, I realized that I was going too fast. I knew that if I didn’t start slowing my ass down, I would going to crash into something or someone at the bottom.

So I turned my skis inward to try to slow down. Except I turned my skis in too much so that they crossed to form an X, and I lost my balance. Not good. I did sort of a front flip, landed hard on my butt, and rolled down the hill.

It felt like this:


But probably looked more like this:


The bad: it hurt like hell and I couldn’t move for a few minutes, plus the guy all the other girls swooned after saw it.

The good: said guy was very concerned and practically carried me back to the lodge. And some petty girls were jealous, not that they bothered checking on me. I was told that a couple of girls tried to fake accidents later, but their wipeouts weren’t as successful as mine as far as getting the guy’s attention went.

The next day, my butt region was so sore that my grandma wouldn’t let me go to school and took me to the doctor.

“You have fractured your tailbone,” I was told after the doc checked out my x-ray. I was told to take it easy, no softball (and tryouts were the very next week), and that I should sit on a little cushion to stay comfy while it healed up.


So after the weekend, I went to school with my cushion. I didn’t think anything about it until a friend snatched it up and exclaimed, “You got hemorrhoids?!” during homeroom. Heads turned.

I explained to her that no, I did not have hemorrhoids and that I had fractured my tailbone.

“YOU BROKE YOUR ASS?!!!!” All of the heads turned. The teacher threatened to send my friend down to visit her dad (who was also a teacher) if she used that language again.

You would be amazed at just how much interest that pillow got from the other students. Quite a few of them wanted to sit on it to try it out, and one kid offered me a buck if I would let him sit on it for the whole day. And to think, they thought I was the weird one.

After the ass breaking, there was the foot breaking after hopping a fence at Carowinds and landing wrong. Eighth grade was not the best year for me and my bones!

So, what embarrassing accidents have y’all had? 

Anyone Find My Lung?

So, I ended up with bronchitis, and it has been kicking my ass. I’m talking coughing-spasms-till-you-pee-yourself. TMI? Probably, but thank god for pads. I think the worst is over now, but knowing my history with bronchitis and my lovely asthmatic lungs, I probably won’t be at 100 percent for a while. (But is anyone really at 100 percent from January to March/April when the flu and colds and stomach bugs are going around? I’ll have plenty of company, I’m sure.)

Wanna hear what my sympathetic child said to me not once, but twice while I was at my sickest?

“Could you stop breathing, please? I don’t like the sound you make when you breathe now.”

Image result for you want me to die gif

Tonight the girl suggested putting on her noise-canceling headphones while I listened to her so she wouldn’t have to hear my funny breathing. I told her to just take the book to her dad.

We were supposed to be on a cruise ship a week from Thursday, but that isn’t happening. I can’t remember if I already posted about this or not, but we had to cancel due to some health issues with my FIL. I’m really down about that because a break would be so damn nice and welcomed, but it is what it is. Silver lining, I won’t have to worry about hacking up a lung on a cruise ship (because I doubt I’ll be back to normal by then), nor will I have to worry about BG, who is becoming the Anxious Kid to my Anxious Mom.

And before I sound like some asshole worrying about a vacation when someone else is having health issues, let me say that he’s doing well right now. And he and MIL insisted it would be fine for us to go. It’s just that if a health issue comes up, it’s not like we can get back easily to get the kids. If we were in the U.S. and could easily catch a flight, it would be a little different. And we may do something like that next month, since MIL is insisting we need to get away, though I’m not sure how much of that is about us vs. about her getting some extra time with the grands lol.

You’d probably think with all the sick time I’ve had that I would be blogging or catching up on reading, but nah. I have been reading some books, though. I read a John Grisham book to start off the year. And then I binge-watched Unbelievable and the two seasons of You on Netflix over the past sick week. Unbelievable was incredible, and I see why everyone is obsessing over You. I wasn’t expecting to like it, but it hit me right in my guilty pleasure feels. I spent the two days after that reading the two books the show is based on. It is so not the kind of thing I would typically watch or read, but it hooked me.

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, text

I need something else to read now, preferably something that isn’t making me cheer on a nutso serial killer.

What up, people?

Brain Dump: Week of 1/6

It looks like the lice have been eradicated from our household. (KNOCK ON WOOD.) The girl is the only who got them, and hopefully the rest of us won’t either since I treated all of our heads to be on the safe side. BG got treated twice and will again tonight. The men-folk are none too please about having their hair checked every day and getting treated, but oh well. Better to be inconvenienced than pass anything around.

School started back yesterday, only LM couldn’t go because he got sick on Sunday. Great timing, kid! My husband took him to the doctor yesterday morning and the doc things he has an upper respiratory thing going on. I started hacking my head off yesterday afternoon, so I guess it’ll make its way through the house. Boo.

We didn’t do anything for New Year’s Eve but did hit up the zoo on New Year’s Day. It was BG’s first time going, and she loved it for the most part. (Until she got burned out and had a meltdown in the penguin area, which is my favorite.) We spent a lot of time looking at the lions, but despite her little lion obsession, I think her favorite thing was the King Cobra, which she called adorable. That fucker was huge! She sat there for 20 minutes staring at the thing. LM and my husband made their way around the rest of the reptile exhibits while she stared, and I tried to avoid looking at the creepy thing.

(BTW, she said if the King Cobra got out of his aquarium type setup, whatever it’s called, he would totally be best friends with her and want to hug her. We had to have another talk about not touching things like that if we were to come across a snake or whatever outside.)

We spent the rest of the week cleaning out shit. The living room, game closet, books, and LM’s room. LM cannot stay on top of keeping his room remotely tidy at all, so my husband and I were both fed up since he made zero progress over the break. My husband bought 10 huge totes and took them in. LM was upset, of course, but we let him pick out a few of each things he enjoys, like his Transformers and Nerf guns, with the promise that if he can keep his room clean then he could earn stuff back eventually. We filled up 7 of the totes, which is crazy. We plan to do the same with the girl’s room this weekend. LM told me today that he likes his room better without so much stuff in it, so that’s good.

Do y’all remember me commenting on the Pac Praying poster my husband bought LM for Christmas, how I thought the label was for Pac-Man Praying and was super confused? I’m sure most of y’all figured out that it referred to Tupac. While we were helping LM with his room, he opened the poster to hang it. The look on his face was priceless when he saw this:

Image result for tupac praying poster

“Oh wow,” he said. Wow, indeed. That’s an odd choice for an 11-year-old boy. I tried to suppress my snickers.

“I just had to get it for you,” my husband told him. “Where do you want to hang it?”

LM hemmed and hawed long enough that my husband realized he didn’t want to hang it. “You don’t want to hang it? You don’t like it?” he asked.

“I do like it,” LM said. “But it’s so weird.”

My husband looked offended. “Why is it weird?”

I started laughing. “Look at it!” I said. “He isn’t wearing a shirt and has his eyes closed, praying. That’s a bizarre poster choice.”

“Well, I thought it was cool,” my husband said, somewhat offended. “I guess I’ll just throw it away.”

“No, don’t throw it away!” LM exclaimed. “I’m grateful for it and all. I’ll just keep it in my closet it for now and hang it when I don’t have friends anymore.” He was dead serious, too, which made me laugh even harder.

How has the start of 2020 gone for you so far?

Last Day of the Year Brain Dump

Hello, last day of the decade. (You’re either #TeamDecadeIsEnding or #TeamAnnoyinglyYetPerhapsCorrectInSayingThereIsAnotherYearToGo, and I’m the former.)

As far as 2019 goes, things were pretty good. On a personal level, I made some progress on my weight. Lost 40 pounds, but gained back 10 unfortunately, but I’m ready to keep working on that. That is probably the extent of my personal wins for the year, off the top of my head. I didn’t make much progress on the writing front. I had a short story published, but that wasn’t exactly what I was shooting for in 2019. Oh well.

I’m going to try to minimize distractions in 2020 to help with that. I don’t even care if I publish anything in 2020 so much as whether I actually make progress on some writing projects that I desperately want to finish, but have sucked at sticking with. And in minimizing distractions, hopefully I’ll read and blog more than last year, too. (Writing is writing.) I’ve deactivated a few social media accounts, but am keeping Instagram. I took the Facebook app off my phone, so I’ll only browse on there when I get on my desktop. And by doing that, I’ll reduce the mindless scrolling and seeing all the nasty posts that bug me, huge positive.

My other big goal for the year is to implement strategies from The Explosive Child in my parenting. Baby Girl’s meltdowns aren’t as extreme, but they still happen frequently. Little Man’s behavior is worsening. So what we’re doing now — at least with LM — isn’t working too well. Time to try something new, and I’ve read that the strategies in The Explosive Child work fabulously with oppositional kids. It will take some time and a lot of work on my behalf to change how I react to these stressful situations that come up, but if it helps make any improvement, it’ll be totally worth it. (Here’s a link to some of the strategies used with that method if anyone wants to check it out.)

Improvement is the name of the game in 2020.

In other interesting 2019 things, we got Baby Girl figured out.

As most of y’all know, she was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder back in June. That was (and remains to be a relief), knowing what’s behind some of her behaviors. Ditto with the boy. She also had her tonsils out after being diagnosed with sleep apnea, and while we haven’t seen as much improvement in behavior as we were hoping for (or progress with speech), she is mostly sleeping through the night, so yay!

And I think that about sums up 2019. I thought my last brain dump of the year where I reflect on 2019 would be longer, but it’s not. Not a whole lot about the year really stands out. It was full of answers for the kids, millions of doctor and therapy appointments, and some good times as a family. It was probably the busiest year we’ve ever had in terms of being on the go, so maybe things will slow down a little in 2020. I may do a post reflecting on the decade later, which should be more interesting.

What goals do you have for 2020?

Have a Merry Christmas and an Itchy New Year

Did y’all have a good Christmas, for those of you who celebrate?

Ours was nice. Since the parents/step-parents adjusted how they do things this year, we only had one place to go on Christmas day. That made the day so much more relaxed and enjoyable! The kids loved the gifts we got for them and were both sweet and well-mannered all day. (The other days is a different story lol.) I was so relieved that the girl didn’t have any meltdowns, and I’m sure things being less rushed and stressful for her helped a lot.

BG’s favorite gift was this giant lion.

Learning about lion and other large felines in general is her current thing, plus she almost always picks out stuffed animals when she buys a toy, so she was overjoyed to get this. Santa brought her that, a ball hopper with a lion on it, and a Teen Titans tower. We got her some other cool stuff, including a Power Wheels, which her dad probably regretted in five minutes after getting hit with it.

LM got some cool stuff, too, including the new Star Wars Fall Order video game he begged for and some LEGO sets, so he’ll stay busy for the rest of Christmas break.

My husband picked out this poster for LM. That is not a praying Pac-Man poster, as I originally assumed and was confused by. I’m sure most of y’all would get it right on the first try.

My husband won for most thoughtful gift this year. He had my favorite recipe of my grandmother’s printed on a cutting board for me. Looooove. He also got me a blanket with the kids’ pictures on it. One of my favorite gifts my stepmom got me was a pair of Blue Q socks. I so love those socks, and these suit me perfectly:

She got me a shirt that said “I’m not peopleing today” for my birthday, so she’s doing her part in helping me avoid people.

We got one Christmas present that we didn’t want at all. Baby Girl has been scratching her head for a couple of days, but I checked and didn’t see anything the first few times. I thought maybe this was another thing she was developing, like chewing on everything or licking stuff. Well, I checked again yesterday and saw some damn nits in her hair.

Oh. My. God.

I panicked because we’ve never had lice before and ew, fucking ew, fucking ew. None of the rest of us have anything in our hair, although a) I don’t trust my husband check me and b) I bought kits for everyone, so everyone’s hair is getting treated anyway. When I went through BG’s hair, I found an actual lice bug and cleaned out nits. It took over an hour to go through it all, and she has short hair. After doing a little research on it, I’m assuming she must have picked it up within a couple days before Christmas (probably at the gathering we went to, instead of school like I originally assumed) since what I found was relatively little. I used the ridiculously bright flashlight LM won at a Chinese auction to go through her scalp multiple times, too.

Now I’m itching everywhere. I was fine this morning when I woke up until I saw BG, which reminded me of the infestation, so I itched again. Yuck.

Y’all itching now?

Happy holidays.

Week 51 Brain Dump

The girl recovered from her hand injury. Pretty sure she played it up a bit, and she was none too pleased about doing her makeup work, but she’s all good. And two days after taking off her bandage, we had to put it on LM because he had a hell of a freak injury.

My husband and son were out Saturdaydoing their play stuff when I called to check on them. My husband said, “LM slammed his hand in a door. I’ve gotta go” and hung up. I was thinking that sucked, but didn’t think too much of it because that shit happens sometimes. I slammed mine in the bedroom door a couple days prior, and it hurt like a son of a bitch for a little while but was fine.

Yeah, no.

He called me back a short time later and told me to meet him and LM at the ER and that LM might lose a finger.

Holy fucking shit.

I dropped off BG and got to the hospital. When I got there, they were moving LM from triage to a bed in the bay to be examined by a doctor. The doctor came in quickly, and I got my first look at the finger, and it literally looked like someone picked up the top of his finger and moved it to the side.

Sorta like that.

The doctor asked us to step outside the curtained area. He told us that it didn’t look good and that we should expect for it to be amputated.

Holy fucking shit again.

My husband told me that looked good compared to how it looked early on. He said the finger was at almost a 45-degree angle and looked like it was barely hanging out.


The doctor had a radiologist wheel in an X-ray machine, and then we found out that as bad as it looked, he wouldn’t likely lose the finger. Apparently the top joint of the finger was badly dislocated, and with the deep lacerations on both sides of the joint, it just looked like it was barely hanging on by a thread. Whew. The doctor numbed LM’s finger as best as he could and put the joint back in place. Watching that poor child go through that was just awful. He kept it together much better than I could have. He went to the ortho today, and everything looks reasonably well, He just has to keep the splint on for a while and watch out for infection.

Tough little dude for sure.

That is LM’s second injury for the year. A few months ago, he was doing a zipline when the seat popped up and hit him right above the eye. He had to get liquid stitches for that one. Hopefully he’ll get through 2020 without any breaks or stitches.

Can y’all believe we have less than 10 days until Christmas? Craziness. We still haven’t gotten our Christmas cards ready. This week is gonna be kinda wild, too. The girl has her therapy appointments, there is a field trip, a class party to help with, plus the boy needs me to make something for him to take to his party. (Which his teacher says is super secret and not to tell anyone, haha.) I also have my baking to do.

  • Crockpot Christmas crack
  • Non-crock Christmas crack
  • Andes chocolate bark
  • Chocolate dipped Oreos
  • Chocolate dipped pretzels
  • Chocolate peanut butter crisps
  • Strawberry cupcakes
  • Chocolate cupcakes

I need to do it all on Wednesday, so that’s gonna be a busy — but yummy — day.

We’re doing Christmas with the MIL on Sunday. And hopefully we’ll do some Christmasy stuff this weekend. Ice skating is out with LM’s hand (and it’s probably best for the rest of us to avoid anything that could cause a trip to the ER), but we need to go see Santa, do Winterfest, see Christmas lights, and start our movie marathon. And crafts. I’m glad the kids will have a couple days off school before Christmas!

I love how Baby Girl’s brain works. (Most of the time.) Sometimes on her worksheets for class, she will adjust the questions to make them whatever she wants. She had a question on a worksheet last where she had to shade the two objects that belonged together and cross off the one that didn’t fit in. One such question had a doctor, a pickup truck, and a box truck. I’m going to color the image to make it look the way she originally had it.

She made the box truck into an ambulance to make it and the doctor go together. I told her I liked how she thought and explained what the teacher was going for, but she acted like she had no idea why the two vehicles would belong together lol.

I had to stop writing this post to go somewhere, and I feel like I had more to write for my brain dump, but I’m blanking. Maybe I’ll do a Brain Dump Part 2 later. Maybe not. Have a good week!

We Won, Mr. Stark

Okay, so there’s no Mr. Stark or any of the sadness that went along with that moment in the movie in this post, but a) I like movie quotes and b) we did win. As LM used to say, booyah! That’s the short version of the meeting, and you can read recap below if you want the juicy details.

When we arrived for the girl’s meeting, the guidance counselor told us that the Asshole Psychologist decided to make this morning’s meeting a 2-for-1 meeting — use it as a follow-up and hold the eligibility meeting as well. We were a little concerned about that, since we thought this was going to determine whether she would be evaluated, and then use those evaluations to determine eligibility. How would that be possible without actually evaluating her first? We discussed it and agreed and decided that if things seemed like they were going south, then we would end the meeting (as is our right legally speaking).

Asshole didn’t speak to us when he came in the room. He sat down with his arms folded across his chest and looked fucking pissed. I said good morning to him, but nothing. We figured the guidance counselor must have passed along our complaint about his behavior in the last meeting and told him that we were recording the meeting (which I did). We were there for an hour and a half, and he didn’t look at my husband or me a single time, despite sitting directly across from us and directing his comments to us a few times. Lovely fella!

The meeting went extremely well compared to last time. For the most part, Asshole refused to contribute and sat there like a sulking child. Whenever the guidance counselor or resource teacher would ask if he had anything to add, he would grunt out a “No.” Fine by us, since the few times he did chime in weren’t exactly helpful.

For example, when the resource teacher asked more about BG’s diagnoses, Asshole asked, “Where did you even get this done? I haven’t even seen a report that indicates her having anything.”

The last time, when he asked where we came up with BG’s diagnoses, I offered him the psych eval (which I had dropped off weeks earlier but he said he didn’t see). At that time, he refused to look at it, saying he didn’t want “words on paper.” And at the end of that meeting, he refused to keep a copy of the report, saying he didn’t need it. So, dude, you’re seriously gonna act like this is out of left field and that I haven’t given you anything? It was so absurd it was all I could do not to laugh.

“I offered it to you last time,” I responded, “but you wouldn’t take it. You said you didn’t need it. But I’m more than happy to share another copy if you plan to look at it this time.” I said it in a lighthearted tone and chuckled, and some of the folks at the table laughed as well, but Asshole looked more pissed than he did when he first entered the room. After glancing at the first page of the report, he said, “Well, I’m not even familiar with this psychologist. He isn’t in any book I have.”


I glanced at my copy of the report, knowing full well that the psychologist’s name wasn’t even on the front page, as I didn’t print the full 30-something pages, just the pertinent stuff. “That might be because his name isn’t on the page you looked at. We saw [name] out of [neighboring city].” No response. I wanted to ask about the books of psychologists he apparently has, but didn’t. I know of two in our county, and one works at an inpatient facility. Services are extremely limited here.

He also briefly tried shooting down BG’s autism diagnosis, but the resource teacher took him down over that. He said she sounds completely normal, and the resource teacher told him that much of what we were describing wasn’t remotely normal and that she wouldn’t be thriving with some of the accommodations already in place if she didn’t have some difficulties. She also told him that a small percentage of kids she’s worked with on the spectrum present similar to BG and that their areas of difficulty are going to vary depending on the kid. Boom.

One issue that came up was when my husband got confused on some legal terminology. The wording of the 504 law says that a student’s disability has to substantially limit a life activity, and my husband said it wasn’t substantially limiting, but moderately limiting. As far as the law is concerned, everything we discussed is substantially limiting, but he didn’t realize that. (The one area I didn’t go over with him, sigh.)

“Ha!” Asshole chuckled. “You have to say it’s ‘substantially limiting’ or it’s a ‘gotcha moment’ and she wouldn’t qualify for anything.”

“I’m pretty sure we don’t do ‘gotcha moments’ at meetings for a student’s disability,” I said and chuckled, trying to play off what he said as a joke. “Her disability is substantially limiting, as both we and her teacher have demonstrated, so let’s move on.”

After going through some more things, the guidance counselor asked if everyone was on board for doing a 504 Plan and that if so, we could all sign off and move towards listing accommodations. The asshole didn’t answer, so the guidance counselor asked him and he shrugged, so the guidance counselor passed around the form to sign, which he took his sweet time to sign, but he did.

We could’ve pushed for an IEP evaluation, but had decided before the meeting that if we don’t get resistance for a 504 and that if BG got all of the accommodations we wanted, that we’d be fine with it. Asshole tried to trip up BG’s teacher about the FM system once, asking how she did whenever she didn’t have it on during instruction (such as when the battery died).

“She usually has it on, but I don’t remember it being an issue,” the teacher said.

“Then she probably doesn’t need it,” Asshole said.

“I have 20 students, and I wasn’t observing her specifically to see if she did or didn’t do well in that one period,” her teacher responded. “I know she has made a lot of improvements overall since we started using it, though, so she definitely needs it.”

I commented that BG went from bringing home work that was barely half completed to always being completed since using the system and that we would insist on her having it. He shrugged and didn’t bring it up again. (It’s amazing, since at the last meeting, he said BG couldn’t have the FM system with a 504 Plan period, which I now know was bullshit thanks to the research I did.)

After we signed off on everything, the Asshole walked out without saying goodbye. One of the ladies called out and told him to have a nice day, but he said nothing in return.

(Yeah, I know that’s immature, but I don’t give a shit.)

There were a lot of shit-eating grins at that table from the teacher/others that were visibly pissed with him last time. One of them commented, “Well, that went much better than last time, huh?” Hell yeah.

While the Asshole obviously had a few dickish moments, it’s shocking that he went from completely dominating the last meeting, interrupting everyone, etc. to having no more to say than what I’ve written here in a 90-minute meeting. I found out that he has quite the reputation for being the “My word is law” guy and for refusing to work with parents, so I can’t believe that was the extent of the bullshit/opposition we dealt with and that he basically bypassed a formal evaluation and just gave her the 504 Plan. I don’t know if it was due, in part, to our complaint and recording him (and I also had documents with big letterhead from the Department of Education and Office for Civil Rights laid out between us), or if he decided we weren’t worth the hassle, but whatever. We’re so happy that she’ll have these supports officially in place. Additionally, the resource teacher came up with extra accommodations we hadn’t even discussed to help BG. Yay!

Hello, Monday

So, some of y’all saw my update last week that our meeting with the psychologist got canceled and rescheduled for tomorrow. The advocate won’t be with us, but I think we’re ready. I don’t feel like a fight or arguing or whatever. Our game plan now is to tell him we know what the girl is legally entitled to, and if he wants to play hardball, then we’ll a) file a personal complaint with the school district and DOE and b) submit a due process complaint. What’s that about best laid plans? Hmm. Anyway, I’ll post an update later, and hopefully it’ll be a positive post.

My birthday was last week, and it was pretty low-key. My husband got me a cake and a couple of gifts. We planned to go out for dinner, but BG lost it, so we stayed home. I had the music going (Hanson’s Snowed In album, in case you’re wondering, which has been my tradition to play for tree decorating since I was 14), and we were getting the ornaments up when the shit hit the fan. She started sobbing, covering her ears (so long, tradition), and said that celebrating two holidays at once was too much. (Christmas and my birthday…nice to know my birthday counts as a holiday!)

(That’s my current favorite Christmas song. I so love the retro-ness of the video.)

After she calmed down, we finished decorating and then talked about where to go for dinner, which triggered more sobbing. She didn’t want to go out to eat at the restaurant, which was a longish drive. I didn’t have it in me to try to convince her, so I said “Fine, we can do it another day.” She started crying harder because, “It’s your birthday, you have to go out for dinner.” So I said fine, if she thinks she can keep it together we would go. More crying. More saying “Okay, we’ll stay at home.” More crying about me not going out to celebrate.

Lord Jesus. I needed a strong drink right about then.

After more talking, I convinced her that I do birthday weeks (and I do for the kids) and that staying at home would be fine. Make it up later, which we did yesterday. (And that went super smoothly.) I wonder if it’s just the holidays getting to her, because BG has been in overload a lot lately. She’s started crying and saying, “Oh no, I’m panicking!” and hyperventilating. Or talking about being in the red zone or green zone depending on how she’s feeling. I talked to her occupational therapist, and she’s going to focus on sensory stuff for now. We agreed that it was good she’s doing better about identifying her emotions, at least.

Little Man has been quite the challenge, too. (And between the two of them, I am so drained.) So much attitude and surliness and flat-out disrespect. I don’t know how that child makes it through the school day taking direction from teachers, because I can ask him to do the smallest thing, and it’s a Huge Fucking Problem. I’ve been reading The Explosive Child, and it is probably the only parenting book that has the potential to be helpful, so we’ll see if using some of those strategies helps with him (or BG). We’re trying to find a therapist close by, but haven’t had much luck yet. Not that he’d be able to start right now, anyway, because he’s busy with theater stuff most evenings. Hopefully we’ll find someone around the first of the year!

The girl had to go to the urgent care last night. She fell and hurt her arm. She isn’t usually one to complain about hand, but after talking about how bad it hurt and not being able to use the Play-Doh, we decided it would be best to take her. The X-ray didn’t show a break, so the doctor said it is probably just a sprain and to let her wrap it up for a couple of days and see how it does. She said it still hurts today, but not as bad as yesterday. When I picked her up from school today, I spoke with her teacher, and the teacher laughingly said that BG is playing it up. Apparently BG announced that she can’t write, read, or do anything for herself for now, LOL.

The first one is true since it’s her right hand, but not the others, of course. I wonder if she’ll act like it hurts longer than it really does so she can get out of doing anything.

The girl is after me to play with her, so I’m off for now. Hope y’all had a good weekend!